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Morian - Away From The Sun (single) (CD)

Away From The Sun (single)
by Harry Papadopoulos at 03 February 2008, 9:02 PM

To judge an album, you have to listen to it. And not only once but several times. So, how can you judge a band when the only thing you have in your hands is a single from their debut album? I'll only say some things about that song and the video that's included in the CD, and not for the album of MORIAN as a whole.
The band was founded 2002 by Sami Niittykoski. After some lineup changes, they released a four-song promotional CD called Firewalkers. In summer 2006, MORIAN signed a recording deal with Dynamic Arts Records. The single I have in my hands was released, hitting No.2 on Finland's official single chart. So, as you can find out yourselves, the history of the band is not that long. Then, it's time to see what this CD single is all about.
Even though it is quite boring, for each one of us, listening the same song over and over again, even if we love it, I had to do it. So, as far as the song concerns, it was really easy to hit the charts. Away From The Sun is a song written for that purpose. It is a typical, melodic Rock/Metal(?) song. And I wrote metal not to say something bad for the band, but because I think it is just plain melodic Rock. A nice composition, with a nice melody that sticks in your mind. The voice of Janne Siekkinen is the typical one that you will listen to a band like MORIAN. A nice, melodic voice, that the girls will probably love it, but nothing ecstatic. Not a bad one but it is something that you have heard before. As for the video, I don't have many things to say, since I'm not a director. It isn't something special. You can see the band performing and a story with an old man remembering his past and stuff. To tell you the truth, I didn't like it much.

Overall, the song is not a bad one. Nice melodies, a quite good, clean voice and the single it was on Finland's official single chart. If you are in for music that sounds like  EVANESCENCE with male vocals, you have to listen to it. As for the rest, you know it is not for you.

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Away From The Sun
Away From The Sun (video)
Janne Siekkinen - Vocals
Sami Niittykoski - Guitar
Mika Laitinen - Guitar
Antti Simonen - Keyboards
Jaakko Niemi - Bass
Joonas Juutilainen - Drums
Record Label: Dynamic Arts Records


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