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Moribund Oblivion - Endless Award winner

Moribund Oblivion
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 17 April 2021, 7:35 AM

Metal is the only musical genre that can blow frontiers to pieces and reach other countries. In general, it’s truly rare to see musicians’ works transcending the limits of the own countries, but Metal has such feature that even in the distant parts of the world, a Metal band will arise and find a way to be known out of it. It’s the clear explanation for the Turkish band MORIBUND OBLIVION to be recognized (and respected) out of their country. And maybe “Endless” can bring them to a higher level.

It’s a traditional form of Black Metal, but not limited to the old ways. They mix some influences from melodic forms of the genre with a modern and defined insight. In other ways, even being a pioneer with 20 years of Black Metal on their shoulders, they’re not trying to do again and again the same thing, but are evolving more and more their own musical formula. It’s brutal and aggressive, with a raw outfit in some parts, but the wisdom of experience transpires in the arrangements and dynamics they impose on their songs. It’s full of life and energy, and it’s truly amazing how they use clean parts (as can be heard on “Death is with You”).

The sound production of “Endless” was conceived to be crude and aggressive, but in a way that’s not so hard to understand, because the choice for a defined sound with nasty instrumental tunes (very simple, indeed) was a wise choice, because this sonority can reach a broader set of fans.

Musically, they’re mature a lot, creating a musical work that’s really great to the ears. And the main concept for the lyrics deal with infinity, the desire to exist forever, so themes as mistakes, sins, and rebellions in life are dealt in a spiritual language. So be prepared for the assault, especially on songs as “Death is With You” (a charming contrast between melodic moments with the natural aggressiveness of Black Metal can be heard, with a very good work on the guitars), “Winter” (some slower parts are amazing, with a very good work on bass guitar and drums), “Price of Defeat” and “Far Away” (these ones has a more traditional approach on Black Metal, aggressive, but with a very good melodic ambience), and “Renunciation” (with very good particular shrieks). But the entire album is really very good.

With “Endless”, the tendency for MORIBUND OBLIVION is really to grow and be recognized as a strong name on Black Metal. But for now, during this time of the pandemic, the fans must pay attention to this album (and to its secrets that can be unveiled in only one single listening).

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Death is With You
2. Winter
3. Price of Defeat
4. This is Your Fight
5. A Grain of Sand
6. Far Away
7. Renunciation
8. Sinirlarin Otesi
Bahadır Uludağlar - Vocals, Guitars
Serdar Semen - Bass
Mustafa Boz - Guitars (session)
Maximilian Scheefeldt - Drums (session)
Record Label: Talheim Records


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