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Mork – Awake Award winner

by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 16 February 2015, 6:21 PM

Brazil, beside it has a vast scene with many Metal/Rock styles, is a country with extreme Metal roots. Yes, here, the most famous bands outside our frontiers, except for ANGRA, are bands like SEPULTURA, SARCÓFAGO, MYSTIFIER, HEADHUNTER DC, UNEARTHLY, LACERATED AND CARBONIZED and many from Thrash, Black and Death Metal. But in these lands, where corruption from all sides is strong and turns our every single day into a fight for survival (Big Daddy is not kidding about this), maybe this factor make bands more aggressive as you can think, with our multicultural blood and influences being another point. And maybe this is the reason for bands like MORK arises from Brazilian underground to bring a fine and tasteful work as their second album, “Awake”, shows.

Their musical style is a fusion between SWOBM aspects with some from Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal, creating a hybrid form of music, been aggressive and harsh, but still melodic, with dark tunes and morbid atmospheres. And it is perfectly balanced in both aspects. The fusion between very good harsh voices (using more than a single tune), perfect guitar riffs and solos, and very good work on bass and on the drums creates a kind of music tasteful for our eras, but morbid and darkened as Black Metal fans are used to hear.

The sound quality is harsh as a Black Metal band in this form must sound, but with a clear sound on musical instruments and with very good tunes (especially on guitars). As Big Daddy here likes to say, it’s bitter, raw and harsh, but with a clean quality.

The entire album is perfect, but hear first “Untamed”, “Infirmita Carnis” (the song for their first video from the album), “Human”, and “Apostaticos”. These are merely recommendations, but the entire album demands your careful listening.

A Black Metal masterpiece, indeed…

5 Star Rating

1. Untamed
2. Sacrifice
3. Infirmita Carnis
4. Svatan
5. Three Transformations
6. Human
7. Lobos
8. Apostaticos
9. Preached by Death
10. Awake
Samhen – Vocals, guitars
Foizer – Guitars
V. Digger – Drums (session)
Record Label: Sulphur Records / Eternal Hatred Records


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