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Mork Gryning - Tusen Ar Har Gatt

Mork Gryning
Tusen Ar Har Gatt
by Danny Sanderson at 16 May 2016, 1:05 PM

1995 is, in retrospect, was a great year for Swedish Black Metal. Just a quick glance at the some of the records that came out of the Swedish scene that year is a testament to this; Stromstad's DISSECTION released their second full length, the now classic "Storm of the Light's Bane",  and in Umea, a local underground band named NAGLFAR released their debut record, "Vittra". Both of these albums have gone on to be regarded, rightly, as bona-fide classics. But in amongst records like this, there are a lot of hidden gems. 1995 marked the release of the first MORK GRYNING record, "Tusen Ar Har Gatt", the first of five great records, and an album that would eventually gain cult status. Now, over twenty years after its initial release, this unsung Black Metal gem has been re-issued by Eisenwald Records, and this great record can find a whole new fan base.

The short, opening number, "Dagon", is a great piece of keyboard music that sets the tone for the rest if the record. "Journey", which immediately follows, is an incredibly speed and melody driven song that has an archetypically Swedish sound; the music is very tight, the production is great, and the vocals are a rasping, shrill statement of intent. The albums titular track is a hideous blaze of tremolos and punishing drum performances, peppered intermittently with keyboard sections that really beef out the overall sound of the song. It's a brief. yet interesting, piece of classic Swedish Black Metal. The albums fourth offering, "Ormringningen" is another slab of full throttle, vicious and razor sharp Black Metal, peppered with haunting keys. There's plenty of great guitar licks and hooks here to grab the listeners attention. "Armageddon Has Finally Come…." is a short, slickly performed piece of clean, melodious guitar playing that does an excellent job of breaking this record up and giving the listener some respite from the onslaught of ferocity on offer here.

This lulls in the tone of the record quickly fades away to the monstrous "Unleash the Beast". This is a really fine slab of quality Symphonic Black Metal, which allows the keyboards to provide a few interesting hooks. The vast majority of the track is a solid example of tight, vicious rhythmic playing, haunting chanted vocals and shrill howls. "The Final Battle" is a brilliant, melodic tune, comprised of energetic riffs and chaotic drumming, shrouded in an epic, dark atmosphere. The vocals are excellent as well, a vicious, acidic howl that carves through the rest of the music and makes this already full and powerful song sound even more monolithic. The albums penultimate track, "Morkrets Gryning", a really bleak offering that showcases some of the most varied, catchy and technically sound music on the whole record. The amount of dexterity and prowess displayed here is quite astounding, but it doesn't become the central focus of the song, which is, overall, one of the more interesting and memorable songs on this record. It's the perfect climax to this album, and sets the listener up really well for the albums ninth and final offering, "Min Sista Fard (En Visa Om Doden)"; this starts off with some really cool tapping, that makes this stand out immediately. Much like the rest of the record, the performance is incredibly tight and precise, the production is solid and crisp, and the music is every bit as killer and awe-inspiring as a Melodic Black Metal track should be. It brings together all the best parts of this albums sound, from the fast, blistering riffs to the haunting ambience, and it proves to be the most fitting way to end this awesome record.

This is, as I said at the beginning, one of Black Metals hidden gems. There isn't a bad track on here, and it is, overall, a masterpiece of old school Melodic Black Metal. I'd strongly urge everyone who likes their Black Metal catchy, well produced and eclectic to go and check this album for themselves. You certainly won't regret it.

4 Star Rating

1. Dagon
2. Journey
3. Tusen ar har gatt
4. Omringningen
5. Armageddon Has Come to Pass….
6. Unleash the Beast
7. The Final Battle
8. Morkrets Gryning
9. MIn Sista Fard (En visa om doden)
Goth Gorgon- Bass, Guitars, Keyboards
Draakh Kimera- Drums, Lead Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Record Label: Eisenwald Records


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Edited 04 February 2023

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