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Morne - To The Night Unknown Award winner

To The Night Unknown
by Eric Tinmouth-Poulin at 17 September 2018, 3:28 AM

MORNE is a doom metal band based out of Boston, Massachusetts, their style is both heavy and atmospheric in its sound and they have existed since 2005. This is their fourth studio album entitled “To the Night Unknown”, released on September 7th 2018, through the Armageddon label and the band’s own label Morne Records. The album contains eight tracks and a total of 66 minutes 50 seconds of music. The album begins with the title track “To The Night Unknown”, with an intro of sonic dissonance and glass-breaking sound effects. The drums echo through the pane of surrounding cavernous noise. The guitars sound dirty as ever, powerful yet still crusty, as you would expect in most stoner/doom bands. The “money riff” shows up around 1:47, and definitely has a nice resemblance to YOB or the almighty masters of doom, Sleep. The vocals are not quite death metal but more along the lines of Johan Liva (ex-ARCH ENEMY) or Lars Goran Petrov (ENTOMBED A.D.). This an absolutely crushing start to the album, it will get your blood pumping wanting for more. The solos also follow that distinct MORNE sound, where they are not really overbearing solos, but more just an added layer to the music (think MY DYING BRIDE)

We have a much faster piece of music that follows in the 12-minute juggernaut epic that is “Not Our Flame”, a much faster pace than the previous track, which in some parts does remind me a bit of HIGH ON FIRE. This is an angry number with an apocalyptic undertone that shall not be denied; taking influences from the ultimate masters of the genre NEUROSIS. This song really sucks you into its atmosphere and brings into one of the deepest holes of humanity, with an avalanche of rocks falling onto you. It has that profound and memorable impact on the listener. “The Blood is Our Own” has a less aggressive early portion to the song than its previous counter-part and follows more of the pattern I have been used to with this band in some of their previous efforts. One thing I wish to emphasize here is the sound quality, everything sounds heavy, yet perfectly controlled and crystal clean. The production on this track is no different; you can discern all the instruments perfectly. The song is bleak and hopeless in its textures, which is exactly what we expect from them.

“Scorn” is a very powerful piece, with a similar crushing theme and great main riff. With the first track, this one is definitely my favorite. The best comparison I could make here is a cross between heavier PARADISE LOST and OBITUARY, two of my all-time favorite bands that have great groove in their compositions and easy to follow rhythm guitars. “Show Your Wounds” follows a more of an atmospheric approach with the vocals being less intense than other tracks but the pattern remains the same. This is engulfs you in their melancholic world and wraps itself around you until the end. The final track “Surrendering Fear” brings me back to the good old days of PEACEVILLE, especially old-school ANATHEMA, a song that just drips of despair and anguish, but will still have you banging your head in appreciation. A tremendous effort to close off what has been a memorable album to listen to. Overall, this band does not disappoint, they have truly mastered the art of having a truly heavy and crushing sound that just sticks with you. Since the fall is approaching, I could not recommend a better album as the soundtrack to the falling leaves, the coming cold and the arrival of a new season.

Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. To the Night Unknown
2. Not Our Flame
3. The Blood is Our Own
4. Scorn
5. Show Your Wounds
6. Night Awaits the Dawn
7. Shadowed Road
8. Surrendering Fear
Milosz Gassan - Vocals, Guitar
Paul Rajpal - Guitar
Morgan Coe - Bass
Billy Knockenhauer – Drums
Record Label: Armageddon Label


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