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Morost – Forged Entropy Award winner

Forged Entropy
by Ricardo “Lebzul” Brenes at 03 August 2021, 2:14 AM

Although there seems to be a very active scene in Slovenia, not too frequently I come across metal acts from such latitudes. A sophomore to their 2014 debut, “Forged Entropy” provides us with a well-crafted progressive death metal feast for us to devour. After a short intro, “Beg” explodes with pure force from start, the music feels massive and great musical arrangements bring up a sensation of immensity. It is hard for me to pin down influences of what I am hearing so far. The songs in this album are relatively long, giving the band enough room to play with different speeds, styles and mood swings. This turned to be my favorite song in the album, so it was also a great choice to put it at the start. Not that there are any flaws on the rest of the album, but because of the great impression it leaves. I want more.

Protector of Sanity” follows up with still a familiar sound to me, yet I can’t still make the connection. The song erupts with mid-paced volcanic riffing and straight forward technical death metal, with precise drumming and string work, submerged in a rather mysterious aura provided by the almost Black Metal sounding vocals. At about 2:20 everything finally connected and I could remember what was there that sounded familiar and it is some resemblance with RIVERS OF NIHIL as the song goes completely jazzy with great solos and ambience as it also happens at 6:25 with the groovy bass lines backing the sick vocal mix.

The riffing at the beginning of “Artificial Time” will have you on the edge of breaking your neck in no time. A song that then goes basically into raw Black Metal mode, reminding me somehow of old NOKTURNAL MORTUM, yet infused with the technicality of progression, keeping the black aura always dense around their music, going through doomy and up-tempo sections with ease of flow, great song. There is something particular about their sound that made me thing of great acts such as MENTAL HOME because of the way they seamlessly intertwine powerful, brutal music, and finely executed melodies, “Solace in Solitude” is a great example of that, while there are dark passages of an almost droneful sludge, mixed with haunting dissonances in “The Conundrum”. The closing track “Fat Shepherds” again, feels immense, executed with an almost martial pace at starts, it falls into a bass introduced, ever growing monster of a song, fine-tuned and flawlessly performed with an organic feel.

I honestly had to play this record several times before I could actually fully understand the magnitude of the compositions in it. It is magnificently performed with skill and inventive. There is so much for the listener to delight with as at times it feels like it’s a whole Death Metal orchestra you’re listening to. A high recommendation.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Afterthought
2. Beg
3. Protector of Sanity
4. Artificial Time
5. Solace in Solitude
6. The Conundrum
7. The Joy of Pandemonial Ruination
8. Fat Shepherds
Jonas Savšek – Vocals
Blaž Maligoj – Bass
Jan Volkun Dobre – Drums
Peter Frol – Guitars
Blaž Zupan – Guitar
Record Label: On Parole


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Edited 07 December 2022

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