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Mors Principium Est - Dawn Of The 5th Era Award winner

Mors Principium Est
Dawn Of The 5th Era
by Deaddie McConnaughy at 08 November 2014, 7:08 AM

MORS PRINCIPIUM EST is a Melodic Black / Death Metal band that I grew to know right around the time of their  3rd album Liberation=Termination, and they quickly grew to be one of my favorites. There is not a single song on any album that I do not thoroughly enjoy. As a matter of fact I use a lot of their music to practice my harsh vocals to. I love this band, FUCKING LOVE THEM.

I opened up my email the other day to download all the reviews to be edited and posted on our beloved Metal Temple, and my heart skipped a beat, actually it started doing insane triplets inside my chest. Yes My Metal brothers and sister, this is the 5th full length release from them, and it is my absolute pleasure to introduce “Dawn Of The 5th Era”!

Starting of the album we have the intro track “Welcome To The Asylum”. IT starts us off with some eerie little melody with clockwork going, and really follows the format that I’ve grown to love from these boys. It walks us into the heavy dark glorious sound that is MORS PRINCIPIUM EST. Then of course into a nice blast, cooperating perfectly with that amazing guitar skill. One thing I absolutely love about these guys is the vocals. They are harsh of course, but perfectly balanced, and you can actually understand what the fuck he is saying. I mean in all honesty, I have been an Extreme Metal fanatic for years since my early teens, so I’ve already got a bit more of an ear for the vocals than your typical person who isn’t used to it, but my fellow Metal Heads, this is perfection. It is exactly what I dreamt the new album would be.

Now the sound s of their last album, “And Death Said Live” is a bit more polished than their older stuff, but that only strengthens the sound that these guys put out. This one does take some of the earlier stylings and they blend it with the newer sound superbly. These guys are certainly not for the faint of heart.

The lyric content is as dark as ever. And guess what fellow fiends; “God Has Fallen”, yes he certainly has.

Now trust me, when I tell you that this is another masterpiece, I’ve had the promo for 3 days now and I’ve listened to it maybe 9 times. The music itself is enough to take you on dark journey, and the wonderful vocals only accent it.

The artwork on this albums seems does take the familiar face of the reaper on the previous album and evolves it into the eloquently suitable image that fits the next step of evolution for the band. Clad in blue and gold he stands above the world as it crumbles, with what I interpret to be the shining light of the end illuminating from his hand.

“Dawn Of The 5th Era” is set to be released in early December, and I suggest that any preexisting fan get your ass out there and pre order the album. For those not familiar with these masters of the craft, get out from under your rock and check these guys out. They are SUPERB, and the new album is by no means a disappointment!!


5 Star Rating

1. Enter The Asylum
2. God Has Fallen
3. Leader Of The Titans
4. We Are The Sleep
5. Innocence Lost
6. I Am War
7. Monster In Me
8. Apricity
9. Wrath Of Indra
10. The Journey
11. The Forsaken
Ville Viljanen - Vocals
Mikko Sipola - Drums
Teemu Heinola - Bass
Andy Gillion - Guitars
Kevin Verlay - Guitars
Record Label: AFM Records


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