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Mors Subita - Into the Pitch Black Award winner

Mors Subita
Into the Pitch Black
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 07 April 2018, 12:55 PM

MORS SUBITA is a modern Melodic Death Metal band hailing from Oulu in Finland’s North. Formed in 2000, they fast became known for their killer riffs and dynamic attitude and took the scene by storm, releasing four Demo tapes and two EP’s, earning them the attention of record companies and a rapidly growing fanbase. Now in 2018, they present their third full-length offering, “Into the Pitch Black,” which contains eleven new tracks.

“Path to the Abyss” is a short lead-in mood setter which quickly gives way to “As Humanity Weeps.” It’s definitely on the heavier side of the genre, with raging Death vocals and lot of guitar presence. Drummer Ville is a mad man on the kit as well, providing a furious rhythm with some well-timed fills. “Dead Sun” is a slower groove, with some twin guitar harmonies and a bit closer to the “Gothenburg” sound that comes from the historical side of the genre. But there are no clean vocals; instead, a lot of the melody comes from the axes. “Defeat” had a weighted and aggressive sound with a fast-moving pace and vocals that do not let up. They sneak in some melody in the chorus, but the focus is much more on the punishing nature of the music. Some really eerie but fantastic lead guitar work caps off the sound here as well.

The title track swells with melody out of the gate. It’s a mid-tempo number more in the annals of an ARCH ENEMY for me. “Alas” opens with twin guitar harmonies that are just perfect for the song. The heaviness is still ever present but this song breathes a little more, expanding the boundaries of the album a bit. In this regard, it is closer to bands like IN FLAMES and MERCENARY. “I, God” is anything but breathable. It is a fast and chaotic mass murder at the hands of an automatic weapon with endless clips of armor-piercing bullets. The guitar solo stands magnanimously before a slower bridge section where vocalist Eemeli really tests the limits of no longer being able to speak again.

“Vultures” is a three-minute rocket-fuel-laced burner with some nice guitar harmonies and pounding riffs. Like a good deli sandwich, they sure pack a lot of meat into a short song. It rages like a forest fire that no amount of water will quell. “Shadows” was the first song released in advance of the album, I believe. It’s the kind of song that really features all the elements of the genre equally. Grace, melody, and refinement combine with incensed vocals and aggressive guitar riffs, creating that balance that marks the genre so well. The closing song “The Void” is seven minutes long; the longest on the album. Ville rattles those kick drums with fervor and force, and they again create some memorable harmonies amidst the deep cold of the riffs.

“Into the Pitch Black” is a scorcher from start to finish. I haven’t heard as passionate of a vocal performance so far this year as I what I have on this album. Eemeli doesn’t hold back for even a moment. “Come at me, bro” has an all new meaning to me now. The compositions are woven so tightly that when opened, they are like bombs that explode instantly and reign fire from above in an endless sky of orange and black. Lecherous and unabashed, MORS SUBITA have set the bar for Melodic Death Metal for the year so far.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Path to the Abyss
2. As Humanity Weeps
3. Dead Sun
4. Defeat
5. Into the Pitch Black
6. Alas
7, I, God
8. Vultures
9. Fear is Just the Beginning
10. Shadows
11. The Void
Eemeli Bodde – Vocals
Mika Lammassaari – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Mika Junttila – Bass
Ville Miinala – Drums
Record Label: Inverse Records


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