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Mors Principium Test - Liberation = Termination (CD)

Mors Principium Test
Liberation = Termination
by Ian Kaatz at 17 June 2007, 9:01 PM

MORS PRINCIPIUM EST are another one of those bands that I have discovered via free mp3s on their website (other bands that read this please take note that doing this really helps I can't think of how many different bands I have given chance because of one solid track posted on their site). They fall into the lovely Melodic Death category and what fine specimen we have with this record.  The record has everything that should be and then some dare I say it… progression, whoa that was tough.
The band formed in 1999 with members Jori, Jakko, and Toni. Jakko was doing both guitar and vocals at the time and decided that he should just focus on guitar only.  Ville was then recruited and they recorded a demo and the interest of Listenable Records without even a bass on the demo.  Teemu was then recruited and they recorded a few more demos before they finally were signed in 2002.  Current keyboardist Joona joined the band in 2004 in between the first album, Inhumanity and the second, The Unborn.
The first track on the album Orsus is a blistering number to start off an album.  I find this particular track has a lot of old school IN FLAMES in it.  The blistering double bass and ultra fast guitar parts with some totally sick sweeps.  The second track slightly frightened me with this weird techno intro, but it didn't last long before I had my ass handed back to me.  Progression is definitely present throughout this album as keyboards are a huge which isn't always present on records that have a little bit more heavier of a vocal even for Melodic Death.  Not to mention some of the song structure are fairly interesting not overly, but more than most.
Guitar solos are a huge thing on this record as there are fast melting solos in tracks 3,4,5, 9, and 11 (though 11 is an instrumental) from memory.  It Is Done, track 9, has the most interesting guitar tone during the solo out all the other ones on the album.  HYPOCRISY should also be dually noted in their list of influences as well taking the Melodic Death and throwing in a little bit of Black it is very nice touch to the album.   The Distance is very much a slower track, but not like ultra slow.  It has a very haunting feeling from it like a slower HYPOCRISY track.  While the title track has a much more of a mix of HYPOCRISY and IN FLAMES, easily one of the better tracks on the album.  
The most startling thing about this album is that it clocks in at about 40 mins.  Which isn't very long for a Metal record these days especially 11 songs.  However, M.P.E. don't add filler to their songs and they saved the instrumental for last on the album.  What they are missing though are hook songs.  They don't have a song that just comes out and grabs you. This album should be recommended to all fans of the Melodic Death genre as long as you don't mind a little bit of a harsher vocal than usual.

3 Star Rating

The Oppressed Will Rise
The Animal Within
Cleansing Rain
Sinners Defeat
The Distance Between
It Is Done
Terminal Liberation
Lost Beyond Retrieval
Jori Haukio - Guitars
Ville Viljanen - Vocals
Jarkko Kokko - Guitars
Mikko Sipola - Drums
Teemu Heinola - Bass
Joona Kukkola - Keyboards
Record Label: Listenable Records


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