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Mortal Form - The Reckoning

Mortal Form
The Reckoning
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 23 May 2013, 4:09 PM

Well that was a blast from the past; once again I cross swords with the Dutch assault booming barrage of cannonries called MORTAL FORM. Back in 2009 these guys were one of my first initial reviews for their Italian label, My Kingdom Music. I remember the band's earlier release, their sophomore named "Taste The Blood", quite dotingly. Let's just say that MORTAL FORM haven't been taking prisoners, and I was delighted to find out that they kept their composure on their new album, also under the same label banner, that goes by the name of "The Reckoning". Still skirmishing with blood drenched Death Metal in vein of their local scene early 90s gods, MORTAL FORM developed their music while approaching a little bit closer to various Thrash Metal contributions and efforts. "Taste The Blood" introduced a slight SODOM possession, but "The Reckoning" accumulated both articulate and somewhat ferocious pieces and decorations of Bay Area fever such as TESTAMENT, SLAYER or EXODUS among others. Literarily, "The Reckoning" demonstrates passionate molten material and one of the most riveting Death and Thrash integrations I have listened to in a while.

Without a moment's rest, the charge begins. There is no time to waste, no time let the wounds heal. MORTAL FORM seemed to be boastful with conviction and dedication of this well produced release that pinches with soiled fresh sound. "The Reckoning" has a yearning for old school Death Metal but it also inflicts the pains of the genre's modern twin, a few breakdowns and other tweaks, yet not overly burdening for those who aren't in favor. Furthermore, with the songs' vigor and onwards straightforward directive, there are various assortments, Thrashy intrusions to the tarnished Death infestation, bashing with a few contemporary brands of melodic ends. Most of the chugged riffs is a collection of punches and bloody knocks to the walls, with no remorse or repent. There is a mild techy appreciation from within, but in overall rather easy to manifest and consume a material for a full blown moshpit. Up and above the riffing, MORTAL FORM amazed me with their soloing. I have no idea why but sensed the vibe and the robust of TESTAMENT's grandiose shredder, Alex Skolnick, with such soloing full of depth, moderately artistic, not of the ill-mannered raw Thrash type I might add. Rhythm wise, as I mentioned earlier, MORTAL FORM is a kind of an unpretentious band, with great dynamisms, without a hefty bag of tricks, yet they presented the right amount of diversity and shrewdness in order to stay above the waters without drowning into the abyss of a jaded oblivion. "Storm Before Calm", "As Nature Turns Evil (The Sleeper Awakes)", "Radiation Breath" (I could actually feel my lungs burning with this savaged one) and the album's complex "Dungeon", distanced the MORTAL FORM from a lot of mediocre examples that have been festering upon the worldwide Metal scene for some time. I really enjoyed the band's musical advancement.

I was greatly impressed by "Taste The Blood", but "The Reckoning", even if not rated as the previous (which I wrote for Metal Express Radio), is a tougher, but still a bit more imaginative piece of music. MORTAL FORM pounded mercilessly, but managed to assert a kind of wicked atmosphere to their songs, which along with the great deal of the lead fretwork, picked up an elevation. Sure that not everything ticked in full, but without a doubt that this one has to be heard again and again.

4 Star Rating

1. The Reckoning
2. Storm Before Calm
3. Forsaken Graves
4. Dungeon
5. Apocalyptic Aftermath
6. As Nature Turns Evil (The Sleeper Awakes)
7. Miasma
8. The Fever Pitch
9. Radiation Breath
10. Sinners Repent
Oscar - Bass
Bastiaan - Drums
Ralph - Vocals
Teun - Guitars
Vincent - Guitars
Record Label: My Kingdom Music


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