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Mortal Infinity - District Destruction

Mortal Infinity
District Destruction
by Eric "Carnegie" Hall at 16 July 2012, 8:22 PM

Sometimes I don’t do a very good job in my reviews for whatever reasons. Facts get left out or made up, albums don’t get entirely listened to if at all, and I just end up faking everything (if women can do it, so can I). I tell you this now because I won’t have to do any of those things in any sizable amount here. That’s because this album was good. Also, make a mental note that I don’t actually make up facts or not listen to the albums I get – that was purely for illustrative purposes. Although if I am accused of writer fraud, let me preemptively point the finger at my editor-in-chief; just to avoid any legal repercussions. HE MADE ME DO IT!!

More thrash metal for me, it seems. Like the distorted audio equivalent of an apple a day, thrash metal does keep the doctor away, even though for entirely different reasons then everyone’s favourite school-time fruit. And while it may cause long-term hearing loss if listened to at high volume for long periods of time, the journey is worth it – especially to drown out the sound of your next-door neighbors unusually loud coitus.

MORTAL INFINITY, despite having a name I couldn’t quite figure out (so….temporarily lifeforms …forever?), certainly do the genre well. Crunchy, heavy guitar riffs populate throughout, accentuated by competent drumming and what I imagine is decent bass use. Then again, I can criticize the vocals as I seem to do a lot. I think I’ve covered this topic well enough to not repeat, so I’ll just say they are a little too overly growly and leave it at that. However, you can find redeeming qualities in coherent leadwork that steers away from the inbred mutant that is known as shredding.

But, don’t throw the bathwater out with the baby, because it’s still worthy of a listen – especially fans of thrash metal looking for a decent listen-to-able album. No, it won’t blast your scalp to the ceiling like a yarmulke caught in a stiff wind, and it probably won’t leave you with any transcendent musical numbers. I would have liked it to, but I also would have liked to get free ice cream with every album I review. Since it’s not likely, I’ll learn to live with what I get.

Having said that, I think I’ve had my fill of thrash metal for a bit. I imagine it’s time for something a little “out there”, if only to reinforce my hatred of music that is “out there”. Maybe some ambient avant-garde goth industrial postpunk-core? Why not.

3 Star Rating

  1. Intro
  2. Thrill to Kill
  3. At Dawn of Death
  4. Wake of Devastation
  5. Retribution
  6. District Destruction
  7. Condemned Rising
  8. Radical Response
  9. Sound of Brutality
Sebastian Unrath – Lead Guitar
Thomas Harlander – Rhythm Guitar
Marc Doblinger – Vocals
Daniel Hofer – Bass
Mathias Erber - Drums
Record Label: Digital Media Records


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