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Mortal Strike - For the Loud and the Aggressive Award winner

Mortal Strike
For the Loud and the Aggressive
by Matt "Wolverine" Johnson at 21 March 2015, 10:08 PM

Tanks! Guns! War! Making noise and blowing shit up! These are the calling cards of Vienna, Austria's Teutonic Four-inspired Thrash Metal titans in MORTAL STRIKE. Their latest album, "For the Loud and the Aggressive", draws upon those calling cards and propels them to new heights using blistering tempos and riffs that are likely to cause heads to explode! Released on November 29, 2015, this album is not intended to make friends or be sung around the campfire. This is outright serious Thrash that can stand with the greats. It has the feel of an instant classic and that is not something I say about many albums.

These guys set out to create a masterpiece that is both respectable and bold. These songs are not for wimps and unlike similar bands such as TANKARD, GAMA BOMB, and MUNICIPAL WASTE, they have very little to do with beer. "For the Loud and the Aggressive" takes on a much more specific thematic focus (mostly conflict and violence), much more in the style of KREATOR with their heavily religious overtones.

If one didn't know any better, MORTAL STRIKE could easily be confused with KREATOR, as their lyrical style and vocal structure (along with the quality instrumentation, song structure, and tempo changes) are very similar throughout this album. In my experience, it is not everyday that a band of that caliber comes out, much less, with new material that has that old-school sound with no compromises. The production is outstanding also and each note slams into your eardrums, as the gods intended it.

There is no doubt in my mind that if I had the chance to see this album played live, it would be one of the most intense shows, based on aggression and the constant flow of songs in which the tempo never slows down. And don't even get me started on the crowd, as this is some insanely mosh pit-inducing Metal! It also would be taxing on anyone's endurance since these are not the catchy, generic, minute-long crossover Thrash Metal songs that have gained notoriety in the genre. They are lengthy and thematic, punishing and plentiful. MORTAL STRIKE has an obvious formula and are not afraid to apply it because it fucking WORKS! So get your neck brace on, and prepare for some serious headbanging!

4 Star Rating

1. For the Loud and the Aggressive
2. Here Comes the Tank
3. Outburst of Fury
4. Against the Wall
5. MG 42
6. Smash the Tyrants - Storm the Gates
7. Strike
8. One Against All
9. The Tides of War Arise #1
10. Unleash the Hounds of War #2
Matthias - Vocals
Chrir - Guitar)
Etzi aus Ottakring - Guitar
Max - Drums
Domi - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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