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Mortal Vision - Mind Manipulation Award winner

Mortal Vision
Mind Manipulation
by Craig Rider at 06 January 2022, 10:33 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: MORTAL VISION; signed via Redefining Darkness Records, hailing from Ukraine grounds - performing Thrash Metal, on their debut album entitled: “Mind Manipulation” (released October 29th, 2021). Since formation in 2019; the quartet in question have only 2 Singles entitled: “Madness Of Messiah” (released October 14th, 2019), “Forced Extermination” (released February 19th, 2021) & this here debut album entitled: “Mind Manipulation”. 8 tracks ranging at around 33:25, MORTAL VISION arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Thrash Metal developments.

Opening up with this thunderous soundscape; this nuclear explosion implodes onto the scene with this spoken word, televised event. Charging into overdrive with a blistering barrage frenzy on wildly rushing desecration, a rifting rip of shredding distortion distils a chiseling but bludgeoning remedy within the titular track…throttling with full force impact, “Mind Manipulation” rumbles with reverberating echoes and crunchy calamity. Consisting of Ivan Dyshlyuk on guitars/vocals, the fron tman excels at a dexterously dynamic heft on rampantly rompy grooves and densely concrete tightness. Weighty pipes roar with grunty gutturals, aggressive oppression & throaty raspiness which yells with shouty malice. The guitars exhilarate with snarly substance while organically rapid nimbleness swiftly manifests with trailblazing stability among a sturdy tremble of thuds, slaying grinds and killer laceration that tears speakers with vibrantly potent synergy. “Eternal Hatred” stampedes with more relentless pandemonium while ruthless virtuosity savagely twins with towering crustiness from Andrey Gayduk, as impulsive solos utilize unique vehemence while steamrolling with rawly rough mayhem… reminding me of POWER TRIP thrashers & TOXIC HOLOCAUST crust-punk veterans.

Apophenia” chugs and gallops at a frolicking pace, showcasing sulfurous yet volatile precision while rambunctiously piledriving with smacking drum hammerings from Eugene Zakharchenko & an audibly infectious bass injection from Ivan Gorbatyuk, both engage a stomping slab of solid rhythm while sonically seamless solidities revel with monstrously meaty thumpiness which all in all grumbles like a battering ram of bulldozing havoc and clobbering furocity. “Raw Poison” fires on all cylinders, revocating with sinister quakes, monolithic tempo and extreme jumpiness that rivets with vicious velocity while punchy perseverance vivaciously pummels you with scouring tone among a hybrid experimental progression of technical warfare which rattles skulls mightily. The production just continues gravitating with systematic snares of boisterously bouncy aesthetics, bleeding chaos and flamboyant firepower expertise.

Condemned To Death” unleashes more symbolic retribution, fabricating a thrashy momentum that tyrannizes eardrums into a crunchy contortion of primitively razor-sharp ramifications. From beginning to end, an intensely energetic bombardment continues to smash my soul with vigorous mobility. Craving an insatiable hunger to thrash till death for more triggering upheaval, belting but brutal finesse and just unshackle my inner face of evil empowering demolition. “Possessed” does the same thing, persecute the weak with their severe yet salubrious foundations of borderline terror & powerful dominion in blitzkreig noise stridency. Nothing but a foreboding scattering smothers you with bruising collision, where jolting repercussions volume an immense amount of slamming persistence. While the penultimate banger “Forced Extermination” forges steady yet unstopping uproar while the treading maelstrom profusely clamours a furore intent on robust madness, persevering with distinctive anarchy and distinguished elements in implementing scourging songwriting musicianship that begs one to go back for more.

Overall concluding “Mind Manipulation” with the finale epic “Devastated Existence”, another beating blast of massive proportions; I am compelled to say that MORTAL VISION certainly exceeded all original expectations and I can certify that this record is an enjoyably entertaining discovery that’s ultimately worthy of spinning & replaying a good handful of times. Such an energetic experience that will see me banging it out in the gym for a push of total adrenaline, mettle & might, do check it out - your thrashing needs fundamentally beg to flexibly listen to this one!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Mind Manipulation
2. Eternal Hatred
3. Apophenia
4. Raw Poison
5. Condemned To Death
6. Possessed
7. Forced Extermination
8. Devastated Existence
Ivan Gorbatyuk - Bass
Eugene Zakharchenko - Drums
Andrey Gayduk - Guitars
Ivan Dyshlyuk - Guitars/Vocals
Record Label: Redefining Darkness Records


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