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Mortal Love - I Have Lost (CD)

Mortal Love
I Have Lost
by Michael Dalakos at 29 June 2005, 7:00 PM

Mortal Love didn't impress me with their debut release two years ago. Unfortunately their new album, I Have Lost,  also didn't manage to change my opinion about them. I guess they are one of those cases where the term average rings like a bell in your head. Everything in their music sounds average. They are not bad but on the other hand they offer absolutely nothing new nor interesting.
The band was formed back in 2000 (they still hold their original lineup) and an 8-track demo CD was responsible for a deal with Massacre Records. Their debut All The Beauty was a fine example of how dull atmospheric Metal can sound when there is no inspiration whatsoever. Listening to vocalist Cat (how come these people run around without surnames?) and realizing that the band praises her voice as the jack up their sleeve I decided that All The Beauty had no luck amongst my favorite atmospheric / gothic Metal albums.  
Well, time passed by and the band returned with I Have Lost. I guess the title says it all. To save my time I can simply describe them as an average (no kidding) version of The Gathering, the way The Gathering sounded a decade ago. When they try to become modern (like in Serenity for example) they are far more interesting. Still Cat is not Anekke and the same goes for the rest of the band. In fact Cat at times sounds a bit annoying (why is that, girl? You have a sweet voice when you want to).
This is another case of an album having nothing new to offer. If you collect anything that has a woman behind the microphone then be my guest. My advise to them is to discover a musical identity as soon as possible.

2 Star Rating

Cat - Vocals
Damous - Drums
Lev - Bass
Rain6 - Guitar, Keys & Backing Vocals
Gabriah - Guitar
Mulciber - Keyboards, Programming & Cello
Record Label: Massacre Records


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