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Morthra - Desecrated Thoughts

Desecrated Thoughts
by V.Srikar at 26 October 2014, 9:28 PM

So after a series of Thrash Metal albums, I am back to an old school Death Metal album released this year. New band, new album, that same unexplainable weird feeling before listening to a Death Metal album. For some reason I find it difficult to get started with Old School Death, but when in the mood or in that zone, days and weeks pass by me getting indulged into the beauty and darkness of the genre. So welcome to MORTHRA, the Netherlands Death freaks, let’s get this shit started!

This album sounds very similar to most other old school, filthy, and nasty Death Metal shit that you have listened to in all these years, but hey don’t ditch this album just for its similar sound, because there is definitely something new to offer for even for the most seasoned Death Metal listener. ‘Desecrated Thoughts’ starts with a 1 minute intro “Alteration of Faith (intro)” with a gloomy, dark, atmospheric, foresty sound, but is too short and offers nothing concrete and frankly doesn’t really build the tempo for the rest of the album by any means. But the real shit, i.e: the next few songs are what get you headbanging. “The Labyrinth” starts of with an atmospheric sound before the harsh, nasty, growling vocals come in and then the other instruments go haywire. The guitars are thick and also like most other songs there is a shift in tempos between high tempo and mid tempo in regular intervals, but the musicians allow each tempo enough time to build the song and take it to the next level. Personally I find “The Labyrinth” to be the catchiest and most impressive song in the whole record.

The bass and the drums are fast paced and mostly follow the guitars. The vocals in the record are a major plus and you should listen to this album just for the sheer joy of hearing the rawness in the vocals of John Kerstens, it’s that good! He is a beast on this record. Just take a closer listen to the ending of “Choking Screams” with the echoing of the vocals, I’m just lost for words to describe the sheer eeriness created by that ending! Only when you listen to an epic 8 min mind driller like “Hear My Cry” will you realize the uniqueness of this band. Without depending on pace, instead the band treads the path of intensity and tempo building before the catchy riffs backed by those epic beastly vocals take over your mind! There is enough variety in the album with the shortest song being 2:13 min and the longest clocking 8:09 min, combined with the periodic shift in tempos.

Most of the songs go along the same style with little variations, but I must say there are no weak songs in here. Every song except the intro packs enough to plummet your ear drums. While the lyrics deal with violence and anti-religion, the production is somewhat raw and works just fine for this record. I was quite surprised to not find enough information on the band and even this record. These are the types of bands that need to be brought out, as everything about this record is a treat for the seasoned Death Metal maniac!

4 Star Rating

1. Alteration of Faith (intro)
2. The Labyrinth
3. Choking Screams
4. Magnification
5. Tale by the Antichrist
6. Hollowed Carcass
7. Paganistic Dismemberment
8. Hear My Cry
9. The King's Whore
10. Crucified Lie
11. Slay the Vicar
Romeo Gerrits – Drums
Arvid Kuipers – Guitars
Rene Arts – Guitars
John Kerstens - Vocals
Record Label: Vic Records


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