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Morticia – Mortal Fear

Mortal Fear
by Will Travers at 08 January 2021, 6:43 PM

Some things age with time, think about a fine wine for example. Well, here is the first in a series of re releases from MORTICIA. The four piece that helped to cement the Gothic culture have re dropped their 3 studio releases, starting with “Mortal Fear”.

The album artwork is styled in a stereotypical gothic manner, however, the imagery has an overarching green/yellow hue… A bit different but interesting nonetheless. The album opens with the titular “Mortal Fear”, mysterious and ethereal clean cut guitars compliment a ghoulish and misty vocal line that really play into the Graverock style that MORTICIA pit themselves.

“Tell Tale Heart” continues the party, with a light and bouncy melody that still delivers the bands premise flowing into “The Devil’s Road”. A synth heavy introduction, before the smooth vocals of Matt take over, giving a chorus that just begs to be sung along to! Jodie get’s her shot in the limelight in the Punky “I’m Your Trash (Throw Me Away)”.

Jumping forward a tad, some may recognise the introduction to “Deadlier Than The Male”, but the classic feel soon gives way to some delightful 80’s cheese that you just can’t help but feel good listening to, tapping ones feet and just generally dancing around like an idiot. This upbeat, feel good atmosphere continues into “And Now The Screaming Starts” with Jodie once again taking the vocal reigns in her capable hands.

“Christian Vices” and “Graverocker” build to an energetic and emphatic finish with the latter closing out the original release with a strong display. The more observant amongst you would notice an extra two tracks on from the original release, I’m not going to comment on them today, but believe me you will enjoy them.

Overall, this is still a solid release. The once dark and gloomy MORTICIA however, appears, to me, to be more fun and a little bit cheesy in all honesty. But it had elements of Punk, early Doom and of course, the Graverock style that MORTICIA coined. Coinesseurs of Metal history be sure to catch these releases.

Song writing: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Mortal Fear
2. Telltale Heart
3. The Devil’s Road
4. I’m Your Trash (Throw Me Away)
5. Darksider
6. Deadlier Than The Male
7. And Now The Screaming Starts
8. Christian Vices
9. Graverocker
10. Zombie Love
11. You Scare Me To Death
Matt Batchelor – Vocals / Drums
Jodie Tanaka – Vocals / Keyboards / Flute
Chrystopher Winter – Bass / Guitar
Carmilla Casquette – Guitar
Record Label: Heaven and Hell Records


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