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Mortiferum – Disgorged from Psychotic Depths Award winner

Disgorged from Psychotic Depths
by Jon Glenn at 01 October 2019, 7:28 PM

Whatever they are putting in the water in the Pacific Northwest region of the US is clearly turning everyone into Death metal maniacs. With bands like COFFIN ROT, FETID, Torture Rack and the subject of this review, Mortiferum, there’s no shortage of insanely brain-pummeling bands from that area.

Mortiferum showed up with their first demo “Altar of Decay” in 2017 and gave everyone something to look forward to in regard to a full-length. Enter their new record “Disgorged from Psychotic Depths.” They didn’t stray far from the path giving us a nasty slab of rotted, pus-filled beef to chew into.

Archaic Vision of Despair” introduces the album, slamming its listener in the face with a distorted bass that melts your speakers down to raw metal. A song that lasts almost eight minutes takes over your eyes, rolling them in the back of your skull while your head slowly gets lower to the ground. By this track alone, it is clear that this record is a sewer-filled blend of fetor riffs that are of the highest stench.

Inhuman Effigy” is a different kind of sculpture from the band, being a bit more of an all-out assault with fast riffs and thrashy drums. Merging back into the slower material, “Putrid Ascension,” burns through. Clocking in as the longest song of dread-inducing doom, this track will beat into your chest. There is no shortage of faster riffing with blasts that sound crisp and natural.

The vocals are putrid, the riffs seethe with the smell of sulfur, and the drums pound your head to a bloody pulp making this one of the most outstanding Death Metal albums this year. A no-holds-barred approach from an area of the states that keeps on giving. I’m sure we’ll hear plenty more about these guys once this releases Oct. 11, 2019.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Archaic Vision of Despair
2. Inhuman Effigy
3. Putrid Ascension
4. Funereal Hallucinations
5. Interlude (Anamnesis)
6. Faceless Apparitions
Tony Wolfe – Bass
A. Mody – Drums & Vocals
C. Slaker – Guitars
M. Bowman – Guitars & Vocals
Record Label: Profound Lore Records


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