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Mortification - The Silver Cord Is Severed (CD)

The Silver Cord Is Severed
by Manolis Moundrianakis at 01 April 2001, 12:00 AM

MORTIFICATION now in their eleventh year of existence continue to refine their Metal sound with their tenth release THE SILVER CORD IS SEVERED.
This new Album sees the band achieving a more rhythmic extreme metal sound that captures ideas from the whole thirty year existence of metal. For example the title track displays a sombre 70's sound and Bring The Joy as well as Forsake The Flesh a touch of 80's thrash having the rest of the album incorporating their 90's death metal beginnings and new millennium power groove. To be more precise, THE SILVER CORD IS SEVERED is not an album that keeps the same boring tempo throughout the whole album, on the contrary it tends to give a different acoustic in each and every song managing to keep the same death metal feeling and groove that will make the listener almost bang his head off. What really impressed me was the drummer (he is only sixteen!)who was very rhythmic giving away a tremendous feeling throughout the album (What do you expect, the guy has been behind the drumset since he was four !!!!), i mean i was actually curious to hear his youthful drum sound combined with the rest varied metal sounds in each song.

Now as for the production is concerned. I think that this album has a ausome production. Its crystal clear , you can hear every detail , from the bass to the guitars and drums without loosing your self somewhere in between.
MORTIFICATION's message is clear and is being heard louder as the years go by. Metal can be a Godly force and their persistent rising proves it. Lovers of the kind DON'T miss it, others try it you'll like it in my opinion.
P.S : The initial release of the album will contain Mortification's 10 Years Live But Not Dead as a free bonus cd.

4 Star Rating

Metal Blessing
Access Denied
Bring The Joy
Standing At The Door Of Death
Whom They Would Kill
I Am A Revolutionary
Forsake The Flesh
Sensitive Nerve Endings
The Silver Cord Is Severed (Eccesiasties Chpt. 12)
Steve Rowe - Bass, Vocals
Lincoln Bowen - Guitar
Adam Zaffarese - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast


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