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Mortificy - Burn And Suffer

Burn And Suffer
by Manel Lilioth at 01 July 2013, 1:54 PM

The Brazilian Death Metal band MORTIFCIY releases its debut brutal satanic “Burn And Suffer” through an underground label Iron Blood And Death Corporation. While listening to this full-length you’ll notice that it has all the mainstream material of a brutal Death Metal blistering speed and chaotic, drumming at a furious tempo with a beat that is a constant sound rather than something discernible and the guitars repeat the same melody other than one of the interesting facts that MORTIFCIY came from South Africa. Even the album cover has a standard design for the band in this genre that doesn’t really look exciting at all. “Burn And Suffer” contains nine boring stereotypes songs along with satanic and some blasphemous lyrics that sounds all the same.

Like most other releases brutal Death school, there is nothing particularly groundbreaking on “Burn And Suffer”, and maybe the band’s entire intention was to produce some of the fastest and most brutal music in the veins of their South American forefathers. Along with that raw and unpolished production quality, MORTICIFY must certainly more to practice to be sure to release an album.

1 Star Rating

1. Abnegating Legacies of Supremacy
2. Behold the Desecration
3. Infamous Hordes of Chaos
4. Desolation of the Religion
5. Brutal Instinct of Retaliation
6. Burn and Suffer
7. Slaves of Faith
8. Unholy Spirits of Devastation
9. The Rotten Flesh of Bitter Lies
Marcelo Silva -Vocals
Icaro Freitas - Bass
Robson Mariano – Drums
Daniel Silva – Guitars
Record Label: Iron Blood And Death Corporation


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