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Mortify - Fragments at the Edge of Sorrow

Fragments at the Edge of Sorrow
by Ricardo Casagrande at 31 May 2022, 2:07 PM

Formed in 2013, this Chilean Death metal band released its first demo that same year titled Sadistic Carnage. As the band is mainly the workings of Christian, as he is the only member to play on all the material the band has released to this date. They dropped an EP in 2015 called Cryptic, then in 2017 followed that up with their first full length release Mortuary Remains. Now back with a new line-up from the previous release, Fragments at the Edge of Sorrow has been released via Chaos Records on March 25th.

The album opens with a chunky muted riff over rapid double kick in the track “Beneath the Emptiness”. The band changes up the degree of tempo in their songs as well as the next track “In the Amorphous Path”. A change between a Black metal and Doom metal interspersed within the tracks keeps you drawn to the music and the variations of riffs. The bass is heavily present, Diego rumbles along with the melody of the guitars very well, and stays in touch with the drums to amplify the doom aspect. “Ethereal Illusion of Psyche” is your first full on taste of Death metal on the album. A galloping guitar riff along with melodic technical work put their name on this track. Alonso is a driving force on this track, with many varieties of fills and breaks, he and Diego use these times to show skill and creativity. “Mindless” is an instrumental track that embodies elements of every track on the album. Creative guitars following a variety of metal style techniques and a soaring solo to finish up the track are a highlight to the song.

“Astral Sphere From A Bleeding Soul” is a heavily riff infested track that keeps an aggressive edge to the song. Christian’s dark deep growl keeps a sinister element to the song, and it carries the same element for most of the tracks. “Contaminated Echoes” starts off with an in-your-face approach with ravenous guitars and thundering double kick, but it is the bass that carries this song throughout. The guitars in the song have a lot of heavy melody when they are not blasting through riffs, which seems to be what the band has been aiming for with the album.

The album finishes off with a piano piece in the track “Sorrow”. The feeling coming from the keys feel true to the title as it carries with it a feeling of gloom but lifts itself up and finishes with a sense of overcoming. It is a nicely written two and a half minute composition.

I find the bass on this album to be top notch. Whether it be with any fill work, to matching the melody with the guitars, or to thundering along with the drums, it holds its own without ever sounding out of place. The vocals are on the same page with the music as they flow together well, which can be difficult with heavily changing riffs and tempos. I do find that the tracks can blend into each other in how they are structured. The melodic guitar work on this album really defines it as a true Death metal record.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Beneath The Emptiness
2. In The Amorphous Path
3. Ethereal Illusion Of Psyche
4. Fragments
5. Frayed Lunacy (Dying Sight)
6. Mindless
7. The Accursed And The Throes
8. Edge
9. Astral Sphere From A Bleeding Soul
10. Process In A Secrecies Of Thoughts
11. Contaminated Echoes
12. Sorrow
Christian Fuentes – Guitar, Vocals
Benjamin Araneda – Guitar
Diego Gonzalez – Bass, Vocals
Alonso Villar – Drums
Record Label: Chaos Records


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