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Mortiis - Some Kind Of Heroin (CD)

Some Kind Of Heroin
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 01 April 2007, 2:11 PM

First of all, I would like to tell that I don't even know if the line up I have written above is correct. After my confession, I can go on with this review. MORTIIS was a kind of a surprise for most Black Metal fans when he quit everything to start the career he is now following. Of course he never managed to build a similar to his old band success but I admit he is really good in what he is doing. If you are interested to know what he is now doing, read below…

The band was formed in 1992, while Mortiis was still a member of Norwegian Black Metal legends EMPEROR. He left EMPEROR before the release of their majestic monument In The Nightside Eclipse (1994) because he said he wasn't into Black Metal anymore. Since then he has pursued a career in EBM/Ambient/Electro-Goth with his band MORTIIS, which he started as a solo project. He has released numerous full-length albums, EP's and single CD's, but Some Kind Of Heroin is a hell of a weird release.

Some Kind Of Heroin basically features remixed songs from the band's latest album The Grudge (2004). The remixes have been done by artists that are involved in the Industrial, Darkwave and Goth scenes. I haven't listened to The Grudge so as to have a complete view on this release but I have a big question. Is it me or Some Kind Of Heroin is a complete rip off? I mean, who the fuck would pay money to buy an album that contains for example three remixes of the same song? I am just stupid and I can't understand or Goths lack of brain cells! There is no other explanation. Regarding me and bearing in mind that I haven't listened to The Grudge and I like their music, I pleasantly listened to this release many times. If someone has already bought The Grudge, what is the point in buying this CD? The music industry has some serous issues to look after before trying to fool the listeners.

There are no more things to say on this release. Judge for yourselves. The tracks kick ass but I am not judging the original album, I am talking about this shit. The rating for a CD that can be useful as something to place your bottle of beer on is no more than a…

1 Star Rating

Underdog (ZOMBIE GIRL Remix)
The Grudge (GOTHMINISTER Remix)
Twist The Knife (The Gibbering Mix By IMPLANT)
Broken Skin Feat Stephan Groth (Septic Wound Mix By XP8 Feat Stephan Groth)
The Grudge (MENTAL SIEGE Mix)
Gibber (PIG Remix)
Way Too Wicked (Rape, Dope And The American Way Mix By THE KOVENANT)
Gibber (Lysergic Club Mix By VELVET ACID CHRIST
The Grudge (DAVID WALLACE Mix)
Broken Skin Feat Stephan Groth (FUNKER VOGT Remix)
The Grudge (Emotional Heresy By KUBRICK)
Decadent & Desperate (Therafuck Remix By DOPE STARS)
Gibber (Gibbering Idiot)
Way Too Wicked (Absinthium Mix)
The Worst In Me (Extraction Mix By IN THE NURSERY)
Mortiis - Vocals, Piano, Synth
Gawron - Guitar
Ogee - Guitar
Leo Troy - Drums
Record Label: Earache Records


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