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Mortor - Burn Up The Dead

Burn Up The Dead
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 04 June 2017, 2:11 PM

MORTOR, hailing from Canada, are a death/thrash band who provide a satisfying delivery of metallic aggression.  The opening seconds of the first track, “Pleasure of Hate,” immediately show cases the entire band and what they are capable of.  The lead guitar is wonderfully catchy, the rhythm is heavy with a good tone, drums and bass bring a solid slab of metal, and the vocals are heavy but not overly brutal.  Boulay’s vocals remind me of a much heavier and brutal version of Randy from LAMB OF GOD, finding a perfect mix between thrash and death but with subtle modern elements.  Your grandfather will probably think the world is ending if he heard the screams and growls, but people who want to get into the heavier side of metal won’t be put off.

A Place in Hell,” walks the line of groove and brutality, much like THE CROWN often do.  Whereas PAQUETTE’s guitar concentrates on the solid oncoming train of thrash metal, Cross’s drumming, particularly the insanely fast and heavy double bass, really lay down that death metal element. “SOUL TO BLEED,” is a standout track.  The beginning atmosphere with riffs and the drumming really invokes dark images of a creeping death you cannot escape.  When it really picks up, it turns into a song that creates surprisingly catchy death metal.   Miquelon’s bass stands out incredibly well here—thick slabs of stabbing heaviness that really compliment the riffs.  Cross’s drumming is randomly frantic at times, giving a wonderful sense of urgency to the song; he always remains incredibly focused no matter what he is doing on the kit.

The album is paced very well and doesn’t get old, mostly because all but two of the songs are under four minutes with some good pacing for the album itself—the last couple of tracks are some of the best on the album. “Count the Days,” features a couple blistering solos in between the battering ram that are the riffs. Around the 3:17 mark, Boulay does a scathing deep throat growl that leads into the song slowing down slightly, showcasing a great ending that has the riffs going for the throat.  The last track, “Beg For Lead,” immediately fires off warning shots provided by pounding drums and slightly melodic riffs.  Thirty seconds in and Boulay is spitting out his venomous vocals, genuine energy and love for what he does on display.  MORTOR isn’t going to break any new ground but, in the end, it isn’t what you do that counts but rather how you do it—MORTOR do the genre very well with this above average death/thrash release.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Pleasure of Hate
2. Cross the Line
3. Burn Up The Dead
4. A Place In Hell
5. Hail Guns
6. The Executioner
7. F.U.B.A.R
8. Sold to Bleed
9. Parasite
10. Bloody Mess
11. Count the Days
12. Beg for Lead
Dave Paquette – Guitars
Johathan Boulay – Vocals
Jay Cross – Drums
Nicolas Miquelon – Bass
Adam Pell: All guitar solos
Record Label: CDN Records


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