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Mortual - Autumn Requiem Award winner

Autumn Requiem
by Jessica Howkins at 21 August 2014, 11:39 PM

Progressive Gothic Death Metal band MORTUAL are here with their debut release “Autumn Requiem” – packed with constant changes in moods, atmospheres and musical aspects, the album is set to deliver with uniqueness, versatility and the ability to capture your attention.

MORTUAL describe themselves as Drama Metal, using the language of symbols and music to tell the story of a young poet for this concept album. They reach out on subjects to do with rejection, loss of faith, innocence and tragic love – something you can tell through each track on the album.

“Autumn Requiem” gathers elements of so many genres and MORTUAL do a fantastic job of fusing each together to create a theatrical performance just through music.

From the Death Rock/Metal to the Symphonic Gothic aspects of the music, it all seems to fit in brilliantly into place. To do this, most artists would fall flat on their faces in failure, yet, MORTUAL have absolutely nailed what they and so many others have been trying to do.

It’s almost as though MORTUAL have sat down and just said they want to play every form of music they love in one album, I mean, why not?! There’s even aspects of our much loved Black Metal, noticeable on the outstanding 17 minute long  “The Crucible: Prologue”. Goodness knows how these Polish Metallers are doing it, but, we do know whatever they are doing, is right.

There is one song that is hauntingly beautiful, it could tell the tale MORTUAL are trying to tell just through this – “Rainy Ballad”. It’s obvious as to why it’s actually called “Rainy Ballad”, it is filled with sadness, yet, guest vocalist Marta Wolak captures even the beauty in that with her vocals and the way her and Wojtek Michałowskis’ work so wonderfully together. They bounce off each other, yet, wrap around each other elegantly.
There’s beautiful aspects in each track on the album, it is completely chilling, especially as you hit the outro “Lethargy (Piano Variations)”. Whatever MORTUAL have wanted to achieve by telling you a story, they have done it and in truth, the band themselves are musical poets.

In honesty, when you first put on the album you will wonder what the hell you’re listening too, but, please don’t turn it off, whatever you do. You will be transported to a place of beauty, you will be able to create the pictures in your head that were aimed to be created and you will become enchanted with how incredibly poetry and music can intertwine.

They are a band that cannot be compared to anyone else, a true rarity to be found, a magical rarity.

5 Star Rating

1. Lisa’s Memory
2. Anhedonia
3. My Apocalypse
4. The Crucible: Prologue
5. Rainy Ballad
6. Lullaby of the Damned
7. Lethargy
8. Autumn Requiem
9. Lethargy (piano variations)
Wojtek Michałowski – Vocals/Keys
Czarek Michaełkiewicz – Guitars
Maciej Sadowski – Bass
Michał Źuk – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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