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Mortuary Drape - Spiritual Independence

Mortuary Drape
Spiritual Independence
by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 31 December 2014, 8:58 PM

Although I may not be very well versed in the wold of Black Metal yet MORTUARY DRAPE are a band I know. Early Black Metal with releases all the way up until 2004 and then no new albums. 10 years later through Iron Tyrant MORTUARY DRAPE are back in action with their full new release "Spiritual Independence" and I must say I was excited to get to jump into this and be able to share my full thoughts on it, I intend to be brief and to the point but it should help explain this album.

I want to talk about "Mortal Remains (Your Bones)" specifically. This song is the one that stand out most to me showing what these guys have to offer with the insanely thrashy riffs and solo, the obvious Black Metal bridge and some Blackened Death vocals this song has it all. If anyone has followed this band you should be glad to hear that they haven't changed to much over the decade they've been gone and to those who, like me, are fairly new to Black Metal and don't know MORTUARY DRAPE this is a great place to start. Also, YOU CAN HEAR THE BASS!!!

Hopefully I've at least convinced a few of you to check this out because this is some pretty awesome stuff with so much more to offer than most Black Metal nowadays. In the end awesome band, great release, check it out.

4 Star Rating

1. The Hiss
2. Lithany
3. Once I Read (Marble Tomb)
4. Natural Death (1930-2011)
5. Mortal Remains (Your Bones)
6. Immutable Witness
7. Black Candle
8. Ignis Fatuus (Deaf Space)
9. 1600 Gnostic Year
10. Spiritual Independence (The Farewell)
Wilderness Perversion - Vocals, Drums
DC - Guitars, Vocals
SR - Guitars, Vocals
S.C. - Bass
Record Label: Iron Tyrant


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