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Mortuary - The Autophagus Reign

The Autophagus Reign
by Joseph Hausmann at 26 December 2019, 9:52 PM

French Thrash / Death metal powerhouse MORTUARY, has released their eighth album, “The Autophagus Reign” through Xenokorp. This European staple of metal originating in 1989, proves that they still have the drive and talent to produce quality music in extreme Metal. Their raging riffs and speed Metal talents bring a heavy, savage album that keeps the old guard relevant and powerful even in today’s evolving world of Metal. MORTUARY refuses to be tarnished by the waves of time and this album is a full rebuke of that age old enemy!

The first track of the album “Delete/Replace” immediately thrusts into Speed Metal that is only matched by the sheer ferocity of the insane guitar riffs that are prevalent throughout the entire album. The vocals are savage, gritty, and brutal giving it the added intensity that drives the album. “The Sapien’s Order” continues the ferocious hell ride that never lets up. The technical skills required in the instrumental work can be quite overwhelming while listening to this track. Guitar solos layered upon blast beating drum work, and accentuated by the savage vocals brings an impressive wall of sound that literally invades your ears. “A Curse In Disguise” gives us a unique groove feel while holding onto the Thrash elements that have defined MORTUARY.

The pace of the track is slower in the beginning but really explodes right back to the intense Speed Metal. “Dominate Modus Operandi” shows off more ridiculous guitar work as they really tune down the riffs to give a doomy, heavy feel to the song. The vocals are consistent with the other tracks on the album. This track is probably my favorite off the album because it just gives me the overwhelming urge to throw myself into a moshpit! “Disposable” gives you the truly chaotic feel of Grindcore as the riffs are ever changing throughout the track and the use of discordant tones gives an almost uneasy feeling that never lets up. There is even a melodic guitar solo in this song that is masterfully done and gives some sense of foundation to the chaos. “Eternal” gives you an old school Thrash vibe that begins to meld into Death Metal. This song is the proof that the band still holds true to the sound that made them successful. It is also their testament that they will not be forgotten and are in fact eternal.

MORTUARY has provided us a strong album with “The Autophagus Reign”. I do enjoy the fact that they are still making their music with a sense of agelessness. In an age where literally everything is changing and evolving all the time, it is awesome to see a band that refuses to change. And why should they? Their music continues to thrive and will continue to live on. MORTUARY is raw, powerful, and savage making them a force within the metal community. I hope they continue on this path and always give the middle finger to time!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Delete/Replace
2. The Sapien’s Order
3. A Curse In Disguise
4. Dominate Modus Operandi
5. Disposable
6. Eternal
7. Onwards To The Terminus
8. Recycled
9. Memorial In Vivon
10. Cheptel
11. Monuments
Patrick Germonville - Vocals
Alexis Baudin - Guitars
Bastien Legras - Guitars
Jean-Noel Verbecq - Bass
Johann Voirin - Drums
Record Label: Xenokorp


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