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Mortyfear - My Dystopia

My Dystopia
by John Foley at 02 August 2021, 12:21 PM

Today we got Finland own MORTYFEAR with their brand new album “My Distopia” whichbwas released in July 2021. The band has been going since 2000 and were formally known as MORTIFIER but the band went through a few changes which then lead to a name change. For the many bands from Finland (and there are a lot) they managed to find a way to stand out with the level of creativity within this band.

“Circus Called Life" kicks things off with a dark circus style to it but with an evil twist. Those killer gut-rolling vocals come in and take control. The music here is a bit weird and out there but has an element of fun to it too. There is a tone shift with clean vocals and piano here too. It is a strong song that sets the tone for what the rest of the album has in store for us. The next song is “Jester's Downfall" and the song hits hard and fast right from the start. There are Keyboards too that add a bit of flavour too. This song has a nice groove to it and a big evil chorus when it hits. After the chaos we get this quiet and melodic section. The song is brought back up and is heavy bit still very melodic.

With a haunting and eerie intro but quiet and beautiful too we have “Black Noise". The music is quite uplifting while the vocals sound very demonic which makes for a good contrast. This song is really melodic but evil and heavy too which makes to quite the listen. It is a really good song. After that one we got “Plastic World" and the song makes you want to mosh right front the start as it pounds it’s way through. Right out of the blue we are hit with a melodic sing along chorus. Then after that a quiet piano section with some clean vocals over it as the song then builds back up. This song has the best vocal performance on the album and it has so many different styles all blended in together.

Another song on this album is “Misfortunate Phoenix” and we are hit with the heavy right from the start. With some demonic vocals and some industrial elements present here and some uplifting guitar work to keep the song going. We are also given another sing along chorus here and some great lead guitar work. This song is short but it is also straight to the point. We arrive to the last song here which is “Dark Waters". Starting off with the drums which sets the tone for the albums final assault as some angelic voicings creep in. The guitars and vocals come in to get things going. There are some cool guitar work here and some evil sounding vocals. The band are putting everything they got into this one. There is a beautiful piano middle section with some vocals that works well with it. Some great lead guitar work also that lifts the song up. This is a great track to close the album out with.

From listening to MORTYFEAR, “My Distopia" is a dark, heavy, weird and out there album but there is a lot of fun and melody here too. It is hard to pin point a genre on this as there are so many elements and styles thrown in like black metal, industrial, psychedelic, just to name a few. For an album like this it has some pretty good production on it and the vocals show a fair bit of range. The band really brings you on a journey as you have no idea what is going to come next.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 6
Musicianship: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Circus Called Life
2. Jester's Downfall
3. Black Noise
4. Plastic World
5. Spoiled
6. Misfortunate Phoenix
7. Delete
8. Dark Waters
Janne Keskitalo – Vocals
Riku Mestsä-Ketelä – Guitar and Keyboards
Jorma Muhonen – Guitar
Tapio Laitla – Bass
Ville Kivimäki – Drums
Record Label: Inverse Records


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