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Mortyr - Rise Of The Tyrant

Rise Of The Tyrant
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 12 September 2013, 12:25 PM

It is never enough, until it is decided that it is enough. I have to hand it to the Swedish old school maniac, Cederick Forsberg, in long for Ced, as it seems that his musical boundaries are vaster than I had in mind. The founder of ROCKA ROLLAS and BLAZON STONE, both Heavy / Power Metal endeavours, decided that one of the nastiest contingents of Metal needs to be introduced as well. Therefore, his formed his third project, MORTYR (Based on a cheap old PC first person shooter, a copycat of the old Wolfenstein legacy), which is dedicated to the dying arts of old school vehement Thrash and Speed Metal. While attempting the explore the horrific lines of classic, yet brutal, European Thrash, al’a early KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, SODOM, TANKARD, Forsberg also crossed the seas of the Atlantic oceans towards the vile North American shores, cascading his material with spikes and ticks of early US Thrash like METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH, DARK ANGEL while even reaching the outskirts of the initial deathly charred mayhem of POSSESSED. “Rise Of The Tyrant”, via Stormspell Records, appears to be a decent history lesson of the old Thrash legacy, keeping it ruthless and raw, yet with several stints with Heavy Metal indulgence.

Though Forsberg’s ventures with ROCKA ROLLAS and BLAZON STONE gathered the old spirit of Heavy Metal’s dominance, with MORTYR he hasn’t reached his outstanding blaze. Without a doubt that Forsberg could have been a Thrash Metal composer and an active member back in the 80s, as he seems to have plenty of knowledge, and the technical abilities, of how to form skull crushing rhythms, tempos, riffs and also possibly the vocal verses of his chosen singer, Jank, an unknown name but who really cares as long as he fit like a glove?. On the other hand, “Rise Of The Tyrant” turned out to be quite basic, obvious, sometimes even generic and repetitive following the main guitar riffing. What made it standout was the melodic factor that Forsberg wisely haven’t given up on. Probably one of the chief reasons why I was emblazoned by the likes of “Dark Angel”, “Show Me to Hell” and the semi-RUNNING WILD driven thrasher, “Merciless Game”, was their implemented melodic notes and riff variations hailing from soothing intervals in between the heavy barrage of speed and rawness. Furthermore, Forsberg created havoc with his soloing efforts that pierced my inner core like steely arrows, proving once again that this guy as a multiverse musician has quite a talent, with a chance of not always knowing what to expect of his creations.

Forsberg with MORTYR, paid his respects with a somewhat of a tribute to a wonderful era of Thrash and Speed Metal. Regretfully, not many bands of the so called New Wave Of Thrash Metal have been able to come up with the same potential of recreating past experiences as much as Forsberg did right here on the nice “Rise Of The Tyrant”. Nevertheless, I believe that there is more to MORTYR than I would like to think. With such a brainstorming composer addicted to the old school, the next album is bound to be supreme.        

3 Star Rating

1. New World Order
2. Rise Of The Tyrant
3. Dark Angel
4. Homicidal Maniacs
5. Screams of Death
6. Code Red
7. Nuclear Blast
8. Show Me to Hell
9. Merciless Game
Jank – Vocals
Cederick Forsberg – All Instruments
Record Label: Stormspell Records


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