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Mosara - Only The Dead Know Our Secrets

Only The Dead Know Our Secrets
by MetalWim at 09 October 2022, 4:44 PM

MOSARA are a Doom Metal band from Phoenix, Arizona, USA. This is their second full length album, after “Mosara” in 2021. They also released e demo in 2019. All of these can be found on their Bandcamp site. And I have to admit that taking over 34 minutes to finish four songs sounds like something befitting a real Doom Metal band. When I start to listen to “Only The Dead Know Our Secrets” I am also hearing a lot of Sludge Metal. This could become very interesting, as I feel that those two musical directions do fit with each other famously.

The thing is, it does, but listening to “Only The Dead Know Our Secrets”  also highlights something else. The one thing that becomes very clear when is that their productional motto must be ‘Treble Is Trouble’. The music is very much only low noises, even the cymbals that the drummer hits have been toned down. And that is a bit of a let off, a downer. At least for me. It prevents the music from growing to its fullest potential, even though it does fit in the way MOSARA does it.

What annoys me a lot more are the vocals. They sound as if they were accidently caught on tape when Tony Gallegos was shouting some random things some two doors down. Yes, that’s how far in the background they are. He isn’t a singer on “Only The Dead Know Our Secrets”, he is a shouter of words. I get the feeling that the band have written the music to fit his ranting and raving. There is no cohesion between the two, at least not palpable. Maybe there could have been if the producer had done a proper job, but he must have been too stoned to care. And somehow the band let him get away with it.

All together I only can say that I expected a whole lot more when I started listening to MOSARA and “Only The Dead Know Our Secrets”. It pains me to have to say that as soon as I have written this review the music will de deleted off my laptop. if they improve vocally next time, and have a proper production, I really wouldn’t mind hearing what they have to offer, because the music on its own is quite good. Not earthshattering, but very pleasant with enough quality to see that MOSARA has the right abilities to make a good record. Let’s hope they do it next time, because this time they failed.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 4
Production: 2

2 Star Rating

1 Magissa
2 Only The Dead Know Our Secrets
3 The Permanence of Isolation
4 Zion’s Eyes 
Tony Gallegos – guitars, vocals
Nikos Michas – guitars
Christopher Burns – bass
John Quin – drums
Record Label: Independent


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