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Mosfet - Screwing the Devil

Screwing the Devil
by Nick Webb at 27 August 2015, 6:19 AM

Melding classic rock n roll bluesiness with a heavy metal swagger, thrash metal speed and aggressive vocals - MOSFET; immediately remind me of ROB ZOMBIE and BEASTO BLANCO in their sound.

Opening with a brief acoustic groove, “Screwing the Devil”'s first track, “Road Song” then kicks into a full on rock n roll stomp which really sets the pace for the entire release. The opener immediately has your head moving to the rhythm of its turbo boogie style. Immediately, however the slightly harsher sound of the vocals slightly grates, especially on the less intense sections. The way the band builds the intensity of tracks does mean though that once the full blast of the track arrives, the heavier, more thrash inspired vocal style starts to blend much more with the rest of the track.

One of the catchiest tracks on “Screwing the Devil” is the second number, “From Rare to Done”, with its “That’s the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it, well done well done…” refrain sticking in the mind till you just want to shout it back at the speakers (definitely intended for live performance participation). “Sexbot” includes short riffs which show the influence of some of the more classic, twin-guitar style bands on MOSFET. “Screwing the Devil” is full throttle from the start of track one to the end of number ten, with big riffs and grooves.

MOSFET are definitely a band that retains a sense of funniness in their music, from songs about little more than booze, cars, and BBQs through to “Tales of a Diarrhea Werewolf pt. II Screwing the Devil.” The stories stay in a vein which keeps the band going as a group who likes a party.

Overall a strong album with plenty of humor and attitude, to be played loud and proud.

4 Star Rating

1. Road Song
2. From Rare to Done
3. Sexbot
4. Booze, Boobs and Bedroom Battles
5. BBQ
6. Deep Dark Hole
7. The Machine
8. Hangover Blues
9. Metal Maniax
10. Tales of a Diarrhoea Werewolf pt. II Screwing the Devil
Alex- Guitar
Patrick- Bass
Phil- Vocals
Flo- Drums
Marc- Guitar
Record Label: Office4Music


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