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Mosh-Pit Justice - Mosh-Pit Justice

Mosh-Pit Justice
Mosh-Pit Justice
by Samantha "Nam" Stanton at 08 November 2013, 2:18 AM

In my opinion, there is nothing like a bit of good Thrash. Heavy, hard and fast - The guys in MOSH-PIT JUSTICE have nailed it for their debut. Bassist Mariyan G. teamed up with former band mates and longtime friends to create an album that combines the best of Thrash, Power, and Progressive with a nice touch of Doom in there. On your first listen you can notice strait away that there are certainly influences from all of these in there.

The first track “Celestial Cry - Pray to Me” starts slow and atmospheric, combining really a progressive rhythm with beautiful guitar lying over the top. Then it hits you, out of nowhere we have authentic old school thrash, matched with piercing vocals from George Peichev. Almost flawlessly it moves into a Doom style interlude, but always cutting back to that raw Thrash feel. Towards the end of the song it cuts to a solo from Staffa Vasilev, Then to confuse you even more, finishing on some acoustic guitar to close the song. Diverse is probably the best way to describe their sound. “Blood of the tyrant” seems to offer a faster and extremely mosh pit friendly song at the start, but continues to follow suit with the calmer “doomy” interludes. Not really a bad thing though, you can start to feel a vibe coming off the album. Nothing like some really strong drums at the start of a song, and you can’t help but notice the talent of Staffa throughout “Crucify”, This song also, brings out the power metal side of MOSH-PIT JUSTICE beautifully, with a the clean vocals section right in the middle - pulled off brilliantly.

The opening to “In Dollar We Trust” really stood out to me. Using their obvious talents and switching genre to genre with ease. We are treated to some more clean vocals, and I’m so pleased that we are.  They make it seem so easy! Lyrically “The Serpent” is spot on, power metal style beginning, and we are back to Thrash once again. This track to me stands out as incredibly melodic, blisteringly good guitar, but that has been constant though out the entire album. Certainly a Mosh-Pit friendly song. “I Stand In Fire” so much Power. Genre wise and it’s a very strong song! Diverse and changing its pace consistently throughout. Clearly staying true to the overall album sound. Opening with stunning riff and even better vocals, “Wicked Messiah” starting steadily and heavily but breaking into face melting guitar and bass in between verses. Catchy and Quick! What more could you want?! Holding out right to the end chopping and changing all the way through. Fantastic.

“Dark Angel” I think is an absolutely perfect example of how simply they make it look to change speed and style. Chopping and changing throughout, everything just works together. Bringing the album to a final close we are faced with “Posers Genocide” - amazing harsher vocals on this track, with the backing vocals giving that overall added power to the sound. Personally I absolutely love the riff. Keeping to their own style flawlessly. With a funky little interlude once again. This track sounds to me, like they are trying to get the best of everything in there, and show the individual talents in one final go. Fantastic cose to the album. Finishing on the comforting note of “All Posers Must Die”.

This album is definitely made for fans of both Thrash and Doom, with the two aforementioned genres, there is such a huge speed difference, and in some places perhaps changing the speed shouldn’t be changed between so often. I would have loved there to be a song that was perhaps more “Doomy” to go alongside the otherwise faster songs. Nonetheless I really enjoyed this album. 

3 Star Rating

1. Celestial Cry Pray to me
2. Blood Of The Tyrant
3. Crucify
4. In Dollar We Trust
5. The Serpent
6. I Stand In Fire
7. Wicked Messiah
8. Dark Angel
9. Posers Genocide
Mariyan G. - Bass/ Backing Vocals
George Peichev - Vocals
Staffa Vasilev- Guitars / Drums / Backing Vocals
Record Label: EBM Records


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