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Moshead - Game Of Knowledge

Game Of Knowledge
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 23 March 2017, 5:02 AM

One of the main perks, at least for yours truly, in this line of work is to discover the unsigned newcomers. Most of the known idols of this music are in their last run before call in a day into retirement, so what is a boy to do if not trying to find the next thing in line? With nowadays technology, the options for artists to grow are vast, yet, the market also revolutionized into a giant monster with a lot of players aiming for the top. The Slovenian Thrash Metal band MOSHEAD has been a part of what appears to be an endless wave of bands coming from Eastern Europe with a purpose for a foothold. Recently the band issued their debut album “Game Of Knowledge” and right from the first chord, it was pretty obvious who knocks their head around.

Honestly, it has been a while since the last time I listened to a fresh blooded band pampering on the legacy of METALLICA, and I am not referring to a tribute band. In their sound, songwriting fashion, and seemed very clear that MOSHEAD are die-hard fans that probably had it in their minds to create their own version of the American titans, maybe not intentionally as the brainwaves work in mysterious ways. “Game Of Knowledge” is a rough piece of work, driven by the energies and virtues of “Master Of Puppets” and “Metallica”, actually there is an interesting combination of the two. Here and there, the material goes a bit bleaker, kind of stomping ground, not going anywhere and can be repetitive and monotonous. However, I admire the band’s perception of classic Metal within their Thrash command, they employed toughness with several of good riffs, and displaying impressive lead guitar solos that were possibly inspired by Kirk Hammett’s signatures and style.

I have to admit that there is a certain weariness in the bands’ songs, which drew me to the point where even a shorter track sounded closer to being endless. On the other hand, there is an apparent potential of heading beyond the rawness and into something constructive. Here are a re a few examples. “Confusion” presents the might of old school Speed / Thrash Metal bearing cool riffs, a fast paced semi-melodic chorus, which without a doubt added some thunder to the band’s effort. However, the soloing, even with the intense playing, appeared to be running on the same arrangements that could be noticed on other songs on the album. “Seeking for Revenge” is a neat crossing into traditional Metal right before bursting into a shroud Speed Metal. Too bad that it was short, a good turn out for a track that left a taste for more.

“Game Of Knowledge” provided the idea that MOSHEAD are on their first steps while still building their image. I applaud their decision to release this material, even if raw, to demonstrate their abilities and thought patterns. Let’s see what happens next, as this is only the beginning.


3 Star Rating

1. Game of Knowledge
2. Evil
3. Blue Crystal
4. Confusion
5. Diminish
6. Nocoj
7. Seeking for Revenge
8. Disarray
9. Unpredicted Act (Vains)
Klemen Berglez - Bass
Robi Buh - Drums
Gregor Lavtar - Rhythm Guitars / Vocals
Tilen Jan - Lead Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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