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Moss - Carmilla (Marcilla) / Spectral Visions EP

Carmilla (Marcilla) / Spectral Visions EP
by Brown Dwarf at 04 January 2015, 1:11 AM

There are heavy weights in every aspect of life. In the movies we have Arnie, within boxing circles we had Tyson, within the realms of Space exploration we had NASA (Don’t get me started here) but one of the most important heavyweights within the Doom sphere, is the witch finder general extraordinaire Lee Dorrian.

So straight off the bat anything leaving the Rise Above doors surely needs to be pretty epic,  something to continue to tread the path trampled  by the other  Rise Above brother’s and sisters.  Enter MOSS, a four piece from the very unlikely Doom haven of Southampton on England’s south coast. “Carmilla (Marcilla) / Spectral Visions” EP is the 18th release from MOSS, since their first demo surfaced in 2001. Holding only 2 tracks and weighing in at just under 20 minutes “Carmilla (Marcilla) / Spectral Visions” is an intense listen.

First track “Carmilla (Marcilla)” is an uncomfortably brilliant, slow smoldering stomp at a funeral procession speed. MOSS certainly have mastered the Doom trade over the years, and “Carmilla (Marcilla)” never strays from the Doom blue print by supplying  low ringing resonating bass lines and thunderous drum patterns. Olly Pearson’s vocals are a constant droning chant that just adds to the intensity of the underlying ferociousness of the track. The second track “Spectral Visions” uses slightly different arrangements, but continues to build the impending Doom for the listener. In fact, in places on “Spectral Visions” the pace slows to an almost standstill, before lurching back to life, and continuing to sprawl and creep forward.

Within the Doom genre generally, there is never really a massive technical feel to the musicianship, but when Doom is done properly it should conjure up feelings of catastrophic calamity and destruction. MOSS nails these feelings perfectly with “Carmilla (Marcilla) / Spectral Visions”. As for the place of MOSS on the Rise Above rotation, well MOSS has a fitting label to call home. They may not have had the same commercial success as some of their label peers, but with 18 releases under their belt, over a 14 year period there is no denying that  MOSS have done the hard yards, and “Carmilla (Marcilla) / Spectral Visions”, continues both the legacy of MOSS and Rise Above Records.

3 Star Rating

1. Carmilla (Marcilla)
2. Spectral Visions
Olly Pearson - Vocals
Dom Finbow – Guitars
Chris Chantler – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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