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Moss - Tombs Of The Blind Drugged (CD)

Tombs Of The Blind Drugged
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 22 June 2009, 1:42 PM

This is a hell of a weird release for sure. To tell you the truth, I didn't know MOSS (for my own good as it proves), but you can't avoid fate and the band's latest release Tombs Of The Blind Drugged fell into my hands for a review. Trying to listen to it was difficult I must admit, but I did my best and here is what came out…

The British trio (from Southampton to be more precise), has been around since 2001 spreading its plague. This release 2008 and Lee Dorian's label Rise Above Records, which is known for its weird releases, decided to release it. I guess this is an EP, even though I noticed that a well-known site features this release as both an EP and a best of compilation. Anyway…

This band's sport is an ultra heavy, extremely slow mixture of Sludge and Doom Metal, with a totally fucked up (in a good and a bad way) guitar sound and distorted vocals. Featuring long songs and a psycho atmosphere, this EP drags you down to the tombs of the blind, showing you another point of view about your life. Let's say that MOSS is the meeting point of BURIED AT SEA, ELECTRIC WIZARD and a raped version of MY DYING BRIDE. Sounds totally schizo, huh? Well, it is!

One more thing that helps the band create the appropriate atmosphere is the vintage sound their music is dressed in, courtesy once more of Foel Studios in Wales. I don't say I was thrilled to listen to this release or MOSS became my new favorite band, but these guys are surely something different and interesting. All you fans of Drone, Doom, Sludge (yeah, potheads, too) should check them out. Just make sure you are not sober while listening to Tombs Of The Blind Drugged.

3 Star Rating

Skeletal Keys
Tombs Of The Blind Drugged
Maimed And Slaughtered (bonus track)
Olly Pearson - Vocals
Dominic Finbow - Guitar
Chris Chantler - Drums
Record Label: Rise Above Records


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