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Mother Feather - Constellation Baby

Mother Feather
Constellation Baby
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 21 December 2018, 1:29 PM

There are times when a band comes with some good ideas for a musical work, but lost track when they try to emulate the music done in the past. The Brooklyn based quartet MOTHER FATHER is just one more name to fall in this trap, as it can be heard on “Constellation Baby”, their latest album. This mix between 70’s Rock and Hard Rock with some earlier Punk Rock influences was heard again and again and again countless time before. The vocal duets and guitars are alright, as the entire technical work is not something bad at all, but the lack of personality torments the listener since the first song to the last one. The X of this matter is: their work is not bad, there are very charming moments (as “Desert Island” shows on its melodies), but the band needs to show more of their personality.

The sound quality is excellent. It brought a musical format from the past for the present without making it sounds moldy or ripping apart its organic atmosphere. The instrumental tunes are good, the simplest possible (as the band just plugged the instruments on the amps and played along), what makes “Constellation Baby” sounds fresh, but with a touch of the 70s on it. The problem resides on the songs. They’re easy to be assimilated by the listener, using good and accessible melodies with a silk crudeness that permeates the songs. But the lack of something deeper of their inner souls on the album is excessively evident. Of course that some songs have their charms and appeals, as “Man, I Wish You Were Here”, “I. C. U.” (good chorus and riffs),  “Constellation Baby” (this one is truly accessible and bears hooking melodies), “Totally Awesome” (nasty and truly aggressive in some parts), and “Supernatural”, but the sensation that everyone heard it before is a torment.

MOTHER FEATHER is not a bad band, but needs to put something of their own into their songs. Just that and everything will be fine.

Originality: 5
Songwriting: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Red Hot Metal
2. Man, I Wish You Were Here
3. I. C. U.
4. Snakebite
5. Desert Island
6. Constellation Baby
7. Totally Awesome
8. Shake Your Magic 8 Ball
9. Supernatural
10. I Blow a Kiss
Ann Courtney - Vocals
Elizabeth Carena - Vocals, Keyboards
Chris Foley - Guitars
Seth Ondracek - Bass
Gunnar Olsen - Drums 
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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