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Mother Harlot - Mother Harlot Award winner

Mother Harlot
Mother Harlot
by Aiden Baker at 08 April 2017, 10:39 PM

MOTHER HARLOT is a heavy metal band formed in 2015 from Brooklyn, New York. “Mother Harlot” is the band’s first EP and is a self-titled release. ‘Lilith's Scorn’ opens the EP with a heavy hitting guitar riff. Every strum of the guitar is met with an equally potent drum hit.  Sonia Goldberg’s angelic voice glides over the top of the track providing a unique experience to the listener, giving us a great taste of what may follow in the EP. The guitar solo showed us that the guitarist is no joke, utilizing different techniques and the slower pace used preceding the solo was masterful. ‘Blood of Saints’ continues the occult theme of the album, with Tom Mis providing some deep back up screams in the first half of the song. The lyrical theme of this track also leans heavily towards the demonic and evil. As for guitars and drums, they are played perfectly creating a dark temple for the vocals to live in.

‘Mother Kali’ opens with a slower pace and a more melodic guitar. This song takes a softer approach while still not being a soft song per se. It’s still Heavy Metal but everything is dulled enough to make a more relaxed listening experience. Vocals are once again superb and this EP alone shows we need more Heavy Metal front-women.  ‘Flight of the Harbinger’ once again uses back up screams, however their use here contrasted the instrumental backing at time of use a little bit too much for them to feel justified. The latter half of the song is brought up to a galloping speed the screams would have been better placed by her in my opinion to further intensify the feel of the track.

‘Paradise Found’ stays true to the rest of the EP continuing the Metal fest. No other song on this EP stayed with me as long as this one. Not only did we get the usually vocal talent, we also got outstanding song structure as well. A mix of distorted and clean guitars melds with drums and vocals to change pace at a split second just in time for the chorus. The slower pace and more audible vocals made for a brilliant combination, making this track stick with the listener.he  ‘They (In the Field of Punishment)’ slows everything right down in the beginning. An acoustic finger picking style riff draws in the listener. When everyone else finally joins in we are left in awe each member giving an outstanding performance bringing the track up to speed, only to then drop it back into the same opening riff. Truly a spectacular way to end EP.

MOTHER HARLOT delivers an inspiring EP to the table. What an amazing way to break onto the music scene. Clear talent is shown in all areas and anyone would be missing out by not listening to this. A full-length album will surely bring masses of fans to this band…me being one of them.

Song writing: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Lilith's Scorn
2. Blood of Saints
3. Mother Kali
4. Flight of the Harbinger
5. Paradise Found
6. They (In the Field of Punishment)
Tom Mis - Bass
John Carlson - Drums
Nick Curcio - Guitars
Anthony Sallustio - Guitars
Sonia Goldberg – Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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