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Mother Misery – Deadication Award winner

Mother Misery
by SamiiMittelstaedt at 10 August 2015, 8:48 PM

It’s a known fact that Swedish Metal has superior quality than others. And most parts of the bands play Power, Extreme – like Death, Trash and Black – Metal or Progressive. But I’m here with MOTHER MISERY’s first full-length and they shows a traditional Rock! Yes, my friends. Doesn’t have only Metalheads there! Their song is influenced by FOO FIGHTERS, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE and maybe KAISER CHIEFS.

MOTHER MISERY makes an unpretentious Rock that catches you at the first listening. “Deadication” had only 6 tracks – what a pity guys! – you can listening many times without get tired of it. All the songs have less than 5 minutes, which you can play it at radio stations. “Deadication” starts with the happy song called “Scars” that feels you refreshed and it’s that song you listen and improve your day. The guitar riffs aren’t the most complex and the band’s instrumental it’s all very simple but the song flows perfectly. The second track – “Killing Me” – starts surprising you because you think is yet the first. And the happiness style keeps in this song with a hooky chorus and good melodies. The third, – “Never Again” – is a heavy song with a sticky chorus you still sing it even the track is over. And had a great solo – the best of this album and shows again you don’t need many notes to make a good result. The songs don’t have time for your breath, and now starts “Kerosene”!  Super hit with European Hard Rock influences in their melody. “If Only I Had Known” is a super ballad that could be soundtrack to a contemporary film. There is an emotional melody and John Hermansen makes visceral performance singing it. The last song is “Wake Up And Scream” and this song is happier than the others and makes you consider dancing.

It’s a super group that makes simple but true songs and addicted you at the first listening. If you have open mind and ears, MOTHER MISERY did the right album for you listen!

4 Star Rating

1. Scars
2. Killing Me
3. Never Again
4. Kerosene
5. If Only I Had Known
6. Wake Up and Scream
John Hermansen – Vocals & Guitars
Thomas Piehl – Guitars
Stiff Hell – Bass
Jimmy Lindbergh – Drums
Record Label: Transubstans Records


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