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Mother Road - II Award winner

Mother Road
by John Foley at 02 February 2021, 4:58 AM

MOTHER ROAD is a band that formed in 2013 with vocalist Keith Slack coming from Texas and guitar player Chris Lyne coming from Germany. They are made up with band members that have played with the likes of MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, STEELHOUSE LANE, DOKKEN, TED NUGENT and SOUL DOCTOR. They had a brief hiatus back in 2016 but are back with a brilliant new album with the release of II which will be released in February 19th 2021, which is full of those great old school blues hard rocking tunes.

The album opens with “Fools Gold” with the sound of someone phoning the band in. Right when the music starts we get a real 70’s blues rock vibe with a catchy and energetic hook and a ripping guitar solo to add. A great real rock n roll opener. Next up we have lead single “Sticks and Stones” which has a real bluesy feel to it. A great sing along chorus too and a lead guitar line which adds some nice layers to the sound. This is a really good song and totally one of the strongest that appears here. Another rocking song here is “Matter of Time” which has a really cool drum beat at the intro. This is a song about hitting the open road with some very slick guitar playing to go with it. You can hear some really nice bass lines here too as they creep in and out. We get a sing along chorus with some great vocal delivery and a very uplifting sounding guitar solo.

After that one we come to the song “Without You” which is definitely a different song compared to the rest of the album. This one has a bit slower melody to it with a bit of a country vibe to it. It is a nice break from all the hard rocking here and a song that really comes from the heart. I can picture when this one is played live everyone will have their lighters in the air. A song I really liked here is “Ain’t got the Blues”. This one has a very GARY MOORE and RORY GALLAGHER vibe to them. And just for those who don’t know MOORE and GALLAGHER are very famous blues rock guitar players from here in Ireland with many great records to their names. We also get some very cool bass lines, some great guitar licks and some great vocal range. From the start the song really builds and builds and we even get a great guitar solo that really keeps you glued to the music.

The last song on the album and we have “Southland”. Opens with a great guitar lick awhile the bass and drums help build the song up. This one is just a big sing along feel good kind of tune. The guitar solo just lifts you up and this one also has a bit of a country feel to it as well. It’s a great song to close the album. From listening to MOTHER ROAD II it has a real 70’s hard blues rock feel to it which makes it sound great. From listening I get a sense of this is an album you hear in American biker and dive bars on route 66 and at times I get reminded a little of the likes of BAD COMPANY. There is some great vocal work on here and the guitar does those blues licks greatly and you get an outlaw feel through out this one. This is a great album, well done lads, you guys nailed it.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Musicianship: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Fools Gold
2. Sticks and Stones
3. Spread it all Around
4. Matter of Time
5. Without You
6. Side to Side
7. Cold Heat
8. Ain’t Got the Blues
9. The One you Keep
10. Southland
Keith Slack – Vocals
Chris Lyne – Guitar
Barry Sparks – Bass
Zacky Tsoukas – Drums
Record Label: Metalapolis Records


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