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Mother’z Boyzz – Pink Cadillac

Mother’z Boyzz
Pink Cadillac
by Jojo "Rocket Queen" Hamilton at 15 July 2020, 5:07 AM

MOTHER’Z BOYZZ, “the four man trio is complete again.” This is a band who give Hard Rock a Blues Rock vibe & they do it well. The new album “Pink Cadillac” is out now to buy & to stream on all major streaming platforms. It’s a 9 track album that gives off a chilled & relaxed sound, with a Blues Rock feel to the vibe & sound. They are a band who have, like many others, seen a few line up changes over the years. The current line up work well together as the “Pink Cadillac” album shows. The band started recording the new album back in the autumn of 2019 and released the new material on July 10th 2020, so this one’s a brand new set of song for fans to get stuck into.

Opening the album, we have song number 1 which is the title track “Pink Cadillac.” This song has a Western kinda feel to it as well as being typically Bluesy at the same time. It’s a song that conjures the image of driving along the road in the desert while the sun sets on the horizon. By the sounds of the song lyrics, there’s an empty seat in the Cadillac to be filled for the right gung hoe gal. Next we have song number 3 which is called “Non Talkin’ Women,” which is of course every man’s dream come true! This song is just so chilled it carries you on it’s smooth guitar riffs and gentle drum beats. Truly a song which makes me think of a Western Saloon type of bar. A cowboy walks in with his Stetson hat & stirrups on.

Ugly Neighborhood” is song number 5. This song is rather upbeat in tempo and it’s got a catchy rhythm to it. Again it’s a song that conjures up images of the wild west. Like a sherrif claiming his territory in the dusty ranges on horseback. We follow this one up with song number 7 “Big Bad Mama.” It’s a track that comes in at 2 minutes and 49 seconds, so not the longest song on the album. However, it does have that foot tapping, head nodding catchiness to it. You can’t help but bop along tot his catchy lil number. I’d say it’s my favourite piece of music from the album.

We close the album with song number 9 which is called “Shake Snake Boogie.” This one plays the album out for a short 2 minutes and 28 seconds. It’s a great tune to end the album on. Taking us out on that Blues Rock vibe as it has all throughout. This one makes you want to grab someone nearby & turn your living room into a dance floor to rock out on. The percussion comes through great on this song and the guest vocals shake things up vocally towards the end.

For a band that was set up as a bit of fun & mainly as a side project for Wolfgang, this venture sure has turned up roses. The band has continued to create easy listening Blues Rock music that is imaginative & relaxed. The vibe comes across as cool, chilled & easy to listen to. Vocally & lyrically, the sound is crisp & clear with a steady tempo throughout. The music sometimes creates imaginary that carries the imagination to lands afar. I really enjoyed how the music just seems to flow. All in all a really good album, well written & performed.

Songwriting 8
Musicianship 9
Memorability 8
Production 8

4 Star Rating

1. Pink Cadillac
2. Ice Cubes Pissin’
3. Non Talkin’ Women
4. Duscksucker Blues
5. Ugly Neighborhood
6. Out Of Sight
7. Big Bad Mama
8. Lil’ Wolf
9. Shake Snake Boogie
Wolfgang "Bad Boy" Schmidder – Guitars/Vocals
Friedel Holler – Bass
Volker "Inspector S" Sczesni – Keyboards
Chris “Huggy Boy” Behave – Drums
Record Label: Vringsbrock-Records


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