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Motherslug - The Electric Dunes of Titan

The Electric Dunes of Titan
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 29 January 2018, 8:02 AM

Australia’s MOTHERSLUG are a slow, hard hitting dirge of Stoner/Doom metal. Their music is densely packed, all its crushing riffs laying upon you like a fallen wall of bricks with concrete thrown on top for good measure.  Their often times plodding song structure recalls SLEEP but they mix it up and throw in plenty of groove.

The opening the first two tracks, “The Electric Dunes of Titan,” and “Downriver” go together, with the former ending perfectly into the beginning of the later.  The title track is heavy and Doom laden with a hint of spacey, psychedelic melody riding atop the crunch.  “Downriver,” opens with CYN’s excellent fuzzed out bass.  For the first couple minutes, the track is played out as a simple but interesting atmosphere of riffs and drums.  The song picks up around the 4:45 mark with both the guitar and the bass laying out some fast grooves, definitely inspired by BLACK SABBATH and ELECTRIC WIZARD. CAM CRICHTON’s vocals are what you would expect: that dirty gruff mixed with the smoke of a hazy, pot filled room.

SERPENTS,” opens with clean bass and guitar.  The bongo style drums add in a laid back but mysterious atmosphere.  The first couple of minutes are basically just an intro to the rest of the song but it isn’t something you would want to skip, as it is an essential piece of a large whole.  The song slowly builds up until it breaks wide open at 2:57.  The bass carries the song here and pushes Cam’s vocals forward until the groove guitar starts up at the 4:09 mark, where the song recalls the first couple minutes but also strives to move the sound forward. “Tied to the Mast,” is probably the most immediately accessible track because it’s so much shorter in length.  It uses its 2:56 runtime to get straight to the point.  I really enjoyed this one because it sounds somewhat like the sludgy Doom sound of CROWBAR.  The riffs are the ultimate in headbanging and the drumming swims in a river of a constant barrage.

The final track, “Cave of the Last God,” is a track that sandwiches a nice clean, melodic part by two ends of heavy crust.  The first three minutes or so are just a rolling thunder of an unstoppable doom machined, crushing everything in its path and leaving behind torn up tracks of dirty and mud.  Aftewards, there is a respite with excellent lead guitar and bass before the heavy roller coaster starts up again. MOTHERSLUG have crafted a dark, dirty, and outrageously oppressively heavy Stoner/Doom album that shouldn’t be missed by any fan of the genre.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Electric Dunes of Titan
2. Followers of the Sun
3. Stoned by the Light
4. Serpents
5. Staring at the Sunday
6. Tied to the Mast
7. Cave of the Last God
Nick Rad – Drums
Regan Batley – Guitar
Cam Crichton – Vocals
Cyn Bae – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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