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Mothwind - In The Clutches Of The Novae Award winner

In The Clutches Of The Novae
by Chelsea Jennings at 04 December 2014, 9:58 PM

MOTHWIND is a three-member group made up of musicians from various bands including VORE, HOLY ANGELL, THE YEAR OF THE TIGER, & UNDERCLAIRE. MOTHWIND is a metal/rock combination based out of Little Rock, Arkansas. MOTHWIND’S latest release, “IN THE CLUTCHES OF THE NOVAE”, is a brilliant concept album of what happens to humanity when novae come and take over the planet earth. This is the MOTHWIND’s story of how the world ends, and humanity as well as life as we know it, ceases to exist.

The release is a combination of instrumental pieces with movie-like voiceovers including the opening track “EXO-ATMOSPHERIC KILL VEHICLE”, and the closing track “THE DUST WITHIN US”. These tracks introduce the concept of how humanity ceases to exist on the planet Earth after it is invaded by novae, and how the humans, and the closing concept all life as we know it, return to the dust that we all originally came from. Another instrumental track “ENTITY CONSTRUCT” with movie-like voiceovers comes in the middle of the album as a somber moment is taken to reflect on the fate of humanity as the entire planet is about to be wiped out by the invading novae.

Surrounding these predominantly musically driven tracks with only spoken word in the background are tracks filling in the entire story of exactly how humans cease to exist. “SUNBENDER” sees something drastic happening to the planet that we are used to living on, and that is the point at which humans begin to pay attention to something. It’s already too late to change things back. “THE CORSAIR” discusses how the world is going to end dramatically with “a tremor of the universe” and a breach which begin with part or all of the universe imploding. “A MACHINED INFECTION” sees how humanity will initially overcome the grave, and how gravity will change us as “the sky falls never to be seen again”. This is sure to be “a savage means to an end”. “THE GALACTUS EFFECT” is an eerie, mysterious track, which sees what is left of humanity “waste into the desperate” as the world tears the remaining life left to pieces. “THE ART OF PROJECTION” is another sad, slow tune that celebrates the humanity that is left on this planet, and how proud they are to have survived this long into the end times. “THE ADDER” reminds humans that they are in this situation because they “wasted so much time in their own heads” before realizing what was happening to the planet. It is all humanity’s fault they are in this position. They cannot save themselves now. They are paying the prices for their actions as the last days of the world come to an end. “RED SHIFT” is the final event that wipes the little remaining human life from the earth as we all return to the dust we originated from.

This is MOTHWIND’S version of how humanity will be wiped off this planet, and of how the planet will return to the original state of nothingness that the universe was when it began billions of years ago. There will be nothing left for humans at the end of this concept album. Humans, therefore, will simply cease to exist. The cover art of the album furthers MOTHWIND’S concept as it shows the novae taking over our planet, with an empty barren landscape in the background. This paints the grim reality of what humanity will one day make this world to be. Things will be just like they were in the beginning before humanity was even a possibility.

5 Star Rating

1. Exo-Atmospheric Vehicle Kill
2. Sunbender
3. The Corsair
4. A Machined Infection
5. The Galactus Effect
6. The Art of Projection
7. Entity Construct
8. Red Shift
9. The Dust Within Us
Jeremy Partin
Kevin Rains
Mike Mullins
Record Label: Independent


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