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Motley Crue - Carnival Of Sins - Live (CD)

Motley Crue
Carnival Of Sins - Live
by Grigoris Chronis at 19 May 2006, 2:56 AM

If God is a Rock 'n' Roll animal then Motley Crue are his archangels. If Satan is a Rock 'n' Roll outlaw then Motley Crue are his daemons. If Rock 'n' Roll is a high-class unsolved differential equation then Motley Crue are the only ones depicting 100% the phenomenon. Last but not least, if this is a 100% 'live' album then the 'reunited' Crue should tour around the globe once a year, in every single country of the godamn map; charge it on the equivalent Ministry of Education/Religion's budget…
This European double CD release - out via the SPV label - comes out shortly after the U.S. separate single CD's release. Of course, the relative C.O.S. DVD disc is already out, visibly presenting the onstage catastrophe of this malicious clan. Hence, the DCD release can offer little on further basis. As far as the cruel mob's discography goes (factor one), it simply is essential for a fan, willing to pay for this album, to have already melted the first five Crue releases inside his CD player. The second predecessor has to do with belief: if all this 'reunion/ret-our' shit gets on your nerves then you won't enjoy the album anyway.
Otherwise: nearly twenty songs from the band's 1982-1989 albums (plus 2-3 later stuff) make it a proper party to be a part of, even via your stereo. Not yet seen the DVD; this can be a good objective in order to enjoy the CD. The production/sound is simply awesome - yep, did some 'overdub' thinking - while the Crue is in top mood. Neil's voice, in specific, is miraculously in a 'good ol' wine' status. Need to find someone who's attended the specific show (really, which show was it?)  to confirm the sound quality, the energy, the filth, the circus, the adrenaline itself.
Should someone consider purchasing the CD instead of the DVD release? I'd say 'no'. However, your wallet is what has to do with what you please. And if you will, you won't be disappointed. Now, to a new album? Dunno… Legacy's a good thing.

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Disc 1

Shout At The Devil
Too Fast For Love
Ten Seconds To Love
Red Hot
On With The Show
Too Young To Fall In Love
Looks That Kill
Louder Than Hell
Live Wire
Girls, Girls, Girls
Wild Side

Disc 2

Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
Primal Scream
Without You
Home Sweet Home
Dr. Feelgood
Same Ol`Situation
Sick Love Song
If I Die Tomorrow
Kickstart My Heart
Helter Skelter
Anarchy In The U.K.
Vince Neil - Vocals
Tommy Lee - Drums
Nikki Sixx - Bass
Mick Mars - Guitars
Record Label: SPV Records


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