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Motorbiscuit - Into the Fray Award winner

Into the Fray
by Eldad “Blacknasa” Stainbook at 01 October 2014, 1:05 PM

As part of METAL TEMPLE magazine campaign devoted for aiding the promotion of newcomer / unsigned bands, we bring you MOTORBISCUIT.

MOTORBISCUIT hailing from Illinois in the USA , started their career has a cover band , according to the Facebook profile they did a great job has an cover band and did had a huge set list, however does the transformation to original music band favor them?

First let's start and say that MOTORBISCUIT has a female in the front performing has a lead vocals , I'm not a chauvinist I'm just pointing it for you all cause Devon Peterson can be misinterpreted as a male, so after we finished with the technicalities , let's see what we got here, "Into the Fray" is MOTORBISCUIT debut album, it's a eight tracks album and I will make it short , the album is a mix of many bands style, for a instance "Prince of Darkness" first track can easily be misplaced has IRON MAIDEN track , is it a good thing, I found the track to be very catchy and well produced.

The influence of the bands that MOTORBISCUIT used to cover can be pin point at each and every song, however I think that when looking at the album from a musical point of view without knowing MOTORBISCUIT's history, the album finished with flying colors, it seems that MOTORBISCUIT cooked a very nice stew with many ingredients, I think that it's tasty .

don't miss "Vital Signs" probably the best track out of many great tracks, also a good word to Devon Peterson vocal style , she doesn't impose her vocals , she let it ride alongside the other music around and that is a great thing.

So will you eat the stew MOTORBISCUIT cooked? I know I will!

4 Star Rating

1. Prince of Darkness
2. Fade
3. Modern Hero
4. This One's for You
5. Vital Signs
6. House of Birds
7. Broken Clocks
8. Tin Man
Devon Peterson - Vocals
Nolan Peterson - Lead Guitar and Vocals
Matt Sanudo - Bass Guitar and Vocals
Nick Harding - Rhythm Guitar
Josh Smith - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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