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Motorfinger - Best Of

Best Of
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 05 December 2011, 8:33 PM

Though there is a common notion that says that 90s Seattle oriented Had Rock, Grunge if you please, is dead, there will be probably a few people that will beg to differ. Well, I am not one of them due to my personal belief that it is dead or at least transformed into a new musical entity that I can’t put my finger on. Nevertheless, listening to the Norwegian MOTORFINGER led me to the belief that every dying Rock subgenre has remains scattered all over the place. Recently the band released their debut independent EP release of “Best Of” that presents a Grungy feel that isn’t too much around to tell much these days.

First of all I have to give it to these folks for their EP’s title. Maybe there is a hidden meaning to the name, which I presume there is because no band will announce a Best Of release after only two years of existence, or maybe it is plainly the best that they could muster out of demos that we probably know nothing about. I consider this an interesting contemplation.

As for the EP itself, it led me back to the glory days of SOUNDGARDEN and FOO FIGHTERS along with the premier years of TOOL and ALICE IN CHAINS. However, I recognized that some of the influence came from the early stages of 70s BLACK SABBATH. “Best Of”, as I felt it, is a pretty chaotic, or better categorized as emotionally negative and rather pleading.

When I listen to a song like “Walk Away”, its music left the impression of end of days for some reason, especially in the solo part. On the other hand, the closing “Come On” told a different story entirely. Though still down in its awareness, it is filled with an American spirit and soaring vocals that paved a road to a Cornell and Dickinson mix. Following a groove mania and a weeping solo, it truly showed me an inspiration taken from the late era of ALICE IN CHAINS. “Fuel” was running in the same vibe as the former and for some reason quite similar to “Come On”, yet, I believe that this is the band’s vocalist, Maurice Adams, greatest performance.

If you have the desire to drown your sorrow, you can choose a nasty, Grungy or whatever to do it with this little EP. MOTORFINGER sounds promising; they didn’t run on the fast lane but chose to take it step by step. It would be interesting to take on a full length of theirs.  

3 Star Rating

1. Deaf & Dumb
2. Fuel
3. Walk Away
4. Come On 
Maurice Adams- Vocals
Tommy Fossli- Guitar
Morten Felumb- Bass
Jon Anders Lundh- Guitar
Jonas Dale- Drums
Record Label: Independent


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