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Motorfire - Rising Fire Award winner

Rising Fire
by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 27 May 2014, 11:59 AM

Who doesn’t miss the 80's, right? On the count of 3 everyone cheer “80s!” 1… 2… 3… Right then, not that that’s over check it out, MOTORFIRE are bringing back the 80's with their new album “Rising Fire” which was recently released through Metal Tank Records.

NWOBHM is back, strong. Heavy metal is far from dead and among the masses MOTORFIRE are going to prove that! Did you grow up in the 80's? I’m sure you’ll love this album. Maybe you’re like me, should have been alive in the 80's but you weren’t that lucky. This is the exact kind of album that we missed being released then.

“Rising Fire” has a ton of different aspects to it from all different forms of Metal. “Miss You” is a typical Glam Metal style ballad of love, “Burnout” is a good old NWOBHM fast paced “speed down the highway with this blasting” song. Of course, all good things must come to an end. Depicting the last sounds after a life ending car crash “Feel You Burning Heart” brings the speeding album to a screeching halt, causing the album to come full circle from speeding down the highway to the last moments of life.

All around MOTORFIRE have released a very solid 80's album, they may have missed the decade by about 30 years or so but it’s a great album nonetheless!

4 Star Rating

1. Rising Fire
2. Burnout
3. Metropolis of Dreams
4. The Pride
5. Ghost Rider
6. Claws’n’Fangs
7. Miss You
8. Night Vision
9. Demoni
10. Motorfire
11. Feel Your Burning Heart
Anej Marušič - Vocals
Boštjan Pertinač - Guitars and Backing Vocals
Maks Šuc - Guitars and Backing Vocals
David Černic - Bass
Miha Polanc - Drums
Record Label: Metal Tank Records


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