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Motorhead - Kiss Of Death (CD)

Kiss Of Death
by Grigoris Chronis at 07 August 2006, 5:14 PM

…If you squeeze my lizard, I'll put my snake on you… (Killed By Death - 1984); if you wanna sum it up to the personality of Lemmy and Motorhead (for more than 30 years now), this is the reckoning. With this trio releasing albums, I feel somehow safe; not because there's anything innovative I'd now expect from Lemmy's beauty spots, but - mainly - due to the 'back to basics' feeling I'm shivered with, in tough times for high-energy Rock 'n' Roll (in general) music. Let aside the fact that Motorhead are not capable of releasing an (at least) less-than-good album. If you've got the gift…
2004's Inferno was - in my opinion - a representative up-to-date M'head effort. In 'vivid' - for the fans' likes - production/sound (all hail vinyl!), Inferno beards consistently good tracks and certainly has a fair bit of variety. Killer tunes like Life's A Bitch (I like this tune an awful lot), Whorehouse Blues (tsk tsk tsk) and Smiling Like A Killer (love the lyrics!) make it up to memorable cuts, even if Terminal Show did not bring the right 'emotion' to my ears as an 'opening' song (weird enough… - Note: I like Steve Vai's music a little bit, but why did he have to play in a Motorhead album?). You know, things for post-1916 Motorhead do continuously unveil themselves to be quite clear. A stable lineup recording good albums, being on the road all the time, a high-favorite live act for summer festivals; you got the idea? Any hands for Motorhead on a 'bands black list'? A few… Screw you, anyway.
Sucker reminded me of Burner, which can also remind me of numerous other M'head blast songs (to be sincere). Who cares? In-your-face drumming (hi Mikkey!) supported by 'fuzzy' Campbell-ish riffing while Lemmy shouts it out loud, nobody cares if you're in or you're out, we're gonna give you a smack in the mouth. Turn it up, you motha! One Night Stand's up-tempo groove shot the hell out of me while Devil I Know may be the killer tune in the whole track listing. Bang your head to the pit, and dare to oppose Lemmy's paean! A cut surely fitting in the Rock 'n' Roll (1988, Roadrunner) album, too; and what a sugar-ie lead in the middle!
Trigger turns it up furthermore and I wonder if this is going to be a live fave. Another 'melodic' lead contribution from Campbell that does not object Lemmy from singing his guts out. Under The Gun is of somehow less quality, referring to the predecessors. A typical bluesy Rock cut, 'endorsed' (100%) by Campbell's luminous solo. God Was Never On Your Side, on the other hand, may lack some 'shining' musical parts but features an ass-kicking 'narrative' performance by Lemmy. And that's the whole deal; give space to Ian's 'touching' side (yes, he does have one…).
Cranking it up with Living In The Past, it is rather worthy of notice to check Mikkey Dee's drum 'guiding' throughout the whole song. The 'fuzzy' hi-hat along with the ample snare drumming made me assume how Motorhead would perform America onstage in the year 2006 (dream on…). A fine tune, objections overruled! Chrisitne - on the other hand - has this 4/4 party 'vibe' (cheers!) while I assume the lyrical part must be rather kinky. Go for it, lads! Still, it is Sword Of Glory that 'sat' somehow bizarre in my 'hearing' system. Starting off with a Greenday-like riff, I was glad to see the song is self-amended from there on. An unusual guitar chord 'basis' in the chorus made my stiff upper lip once more. Phewww…this tune is chopped in half, tough to chat about.
Hopefully, Be My Baby sets things straight again. Typical 'current' Motorhead-isque stuff for 340; I don't mind. Phil kicks some creative 'lead harmonies' ass again. Next on is Sacrifice…em, sorry…Kingodom Of The Worm. Ok, let it roll again! As if we didn't know what balls Mikkey walks around with. Summing it up, Going Down is a double-bass semi-speed freak that could easily be the opening tune. The main chords are still 'stuck' in my mind…
The band sees lots of energy in this album. Lemmy will love singing some 'newbies' onstage, Phil seems decided to bring back - in a highest rate - his guitar studies, while Mikkey definitely overcomes his position - once again (my hero, Philthy Animal, where are you?). I like the production better in this one than in Inferno. In addition, the songs' sequence seems to be more 'normal' where the album would become more of a 'killer' omitting a tune or two. C'est la vie…As for the cover, it possibly is less than amazing but grey-ish colors always turn up a metalhead's mood.
Mr. Motorheadbanger, just carry your remains to the local store and buy the goddamn album. Mr. old-school rocker, this album's better than Inferno. Do as you please. As for the rest: if Kiss Of Death was (possibly) your first Motorhead 'purchase' then either you're fifteen or your record collection is of a fifteen year old's. Save money for a dozen of other M'head stuff in prior.
P.S. As for R.A.M.O.N.E.S. (some 'updated' version, I guess?), it's not in the promo copy I took for review. It was initially announced to be featured in the normal album release (or not?) but no info has yet been provided to us.

4 Star Rating

One Night Stand
Devil I Know
Under The Gun
God Was Never On Your Side
Living In The Past
Sword Of Glory
Be My Baby
Kingdom Of The Worm
Going Down
Ian 'Lemmy' Kilmister - Vocals & Bass
Phil Campbell - Guitars
Mikkey Dee - Drums
Record Label: Steamhammer / SPV Records


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