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Motorhead - Motorizer (CD)

by Yiannis Doukas at 26 August 2008, 1:58 PM

MOTORHEAD stands as a unique phenomenon being a music group for a simple reason. They exist since 1975 and not only are still alive and kicking asses with their dirty rock n' roll meets punk meets heavy metal but they are blessed by an indefatigable hale in releasing one record after the other, without stopping crossing the whole planet offering ear - piercing performances. And the strange is that their recent records are good, sometimes much better for a band that the audience goes to their gigs just to hear some old classic stuff.
It's vapidity to write something for their history, but I find necessary to mention that after 2000 MOTORHEAD produces records within 2 years space time traversing a decade with pure inspiration and some really nice songs. We Are Motorhead can be considered as classic as their first albums, at least in my opinion, Hammered and Inferno were very heavy albums and Kiss Of Death may be not as good as the previous but it had some stuff really astonishing, please check songs like Sucker, Devil I Know, or the absolute 'near Orgasmatron' magnum opus Kingdom Of The Worm. Shit, now I'm thinking again the whole album is killing without mercy.
Two years have been passed and now it's time for another rock lesson. Motorizer has all the good elements that are necessary and for this reason and only is a must buy release. Runaround Man is fast, has a heady tempo, a perfect opener. Teach You How To Sing The Blues is by far the best song for Motorizer, its 'broad' guitar for refrain is the ultimate perfection, the solo destroys me and generally is one of the best tracks I have heard for this year. The next one, Where The Eagle Screams is slower, almost dancing rhythm and has the ultimate solo by the master Campbell. A reflection of tragedy, loss, war, showing one more time the endless talent of this guitarist. Taking the chance by that, I must tell you that all the solo work for the album is flawless fitting very good with the compositions.  
Something near to a new Aces Of Spades is Rock Out, the most punk song here with a killer refrain and also perfect lyrics. The blues side of MOTORHEAD is present in One Short Life, Buried Alive and Time Is Right are classic fast and furious tracks, English Rose will make you fall in love, strangely reminding me some THIN LIZZY stuff. Back On The Chain has a villain smell, Heroes proclaims a quiver of excitement, specially when Lemmy says the word and finally The Thousand Names Of God with its addictive refrain and the masterpiece guitar work of Campbell is the best closure for the record.
I know that many of you prefer the older stuff of MOTORHEAD believing that the ending of 70ies and the beginning of 80ies was the golden era of the band. In one part I will agree, yes that was the golden era, but I'm quite sure that right now we are witnessing the diamond era! The fact is that if you are at least a little inside MOTORHEAD music world, there is not an album that will leave you complete pathetic. And that is the big thing. Motorizer offers enjoyment, dealing once again with wars, girls, sex, girls, sex, war, passion for life and engrain you with power not to give up. Cheers.

4 Star Rating

Runaround Man
Teach You How To Sing The Blues
When The Eagle Screams
Rock Out
One Short Life
Buried Alive
English Rose
Back On The Chain
Time Is Right
The Thousand Names Of God
Lemmy - Vocals, Bass
Phil Campbell - Guitar
Mikkey Dee - Drums
Record Label: spv


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