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Motorjesus - Race To Resurrection

Race To Resurrection
by V.Srikar at 14 June 2018, 9:45 AM

Germany is not a place very famous for Stoner/ Traditional Heavy Metal, as much it is for Thrash, and you can see the Thrash influences even in a Stoner record that comes out of the country. So we have German Stoner Metal legends MOTORJESUS’s 4th full-length album, “Race To Resurrection”, releasing this June 15th, and it sure promises to be a good one from its artwork.

The album starts with a fast paced trippy song in “Tales From The Wrecking Ball”. It’s JUDAS PRIEST/MOTORHEAD-esque lyrics with pulverizing riff-driven music. It has the right amount of heaviness and sounds very anthem oriented. The clean screaming vocals of “Chris Birx “ give it the right feel. “King Collider” has that AIRBOURNE feel to it; you know that “fuck you, I will do what I like” feel and the riffs only get better with each song. “Re-Ignite” is more of a rhythmic and technical song with a cool anthem-style feel to it. “Speedway Sanctuary” is somewhat uninspiring even though it’s got similar sound to previous songs. “Casket Days” is a good rhythmic song, with some cheesy lyrics. “The Infernal’ is a beautiful slow number, with some good strumming guitar and solo work. It reminds me a bit of NICKELBACK, minus the cringe-worthy parts. “Burning Black” is an out and out, in-your-face Heavy Metal song, with the excellent loud screaming clean vocals that stand out. The next few songs are just fast paced Heavy songs with some angry JUDAS PREIST-eque lyrics, which quite honestly bring very little newness to the table between them. “Running Out Of Time” is a good anthem of a song with some insanely cool guitar riffs. The 13th and last song of the album, “Awaken The Tyrants”, starts off as a usual MOTORJESUS song but has an interesting low tempo melodic twist to it in the latter half of the song.

Race To Resurrection” itself, is a great album with some great songs, and the lyrics fit the artwork perfectly. But it is sadly undone by its own length, and honestly, too much repetitiveness. Pick this one to find some great anthems and some songs to play when you are on the road, but you may not want to play it in its entirety.

Production: 9
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Tales From The Wrecking Ball
2. King Collider
3. Re-Ignite
4. Speedway Sanctuary
5. Casket Days
6. The Infernal
7. Burning Black
8. The Damage
9. The Storm
10. Engines Of War
11. The Chase
12. Running Out Of Time
13. Awaken The Tyrants
Chris Birx - Vocals
Andreas Peters - Lead Guitar
Oliver Beck - Drums    
Record Label: Drakkar Entertainment


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