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Motorjesus – Hellbreaker Award winner

by Leanne Evans at 10 May 2021, 5:43 PM

Germany has long been renowned for its innate ability to produce superb cars and, equally, superior quality bands in the rock and metal scene. So, hell, why wouldn’t a band draw inspiration from their homeland’s fabulous expertise and meld these elements together?! Ladies and gentlemen, may I present MOTORJESUS! MOTORJESUS ignite their love for 70’s muscle cars in their artwork, cement their ardour for motors in their band name and fuel their passion for all things fast in their music, turning it into a religion of sorts. This fivesome have been rocking hard and furious since the early 2000’s and have played with the likes of MOTORHEAD, ANTHRAX, PRONG and MUSTASCH, to name but a handful of well-established acts that the rip-roaring rockers have rubbed shoulders with. These talented Germans are ablaze in their latest release, “Hellbreaker”, their 7th studio album, in their fastest, dirtiest and most delicious release YET! Brimming with fistfuls of hard rock power, MOTORJESUS has created a high-octane release, rammed with muscular and chunky tracks that batter your body(work) unapologetically. You can almost smell the burning rubber as the tracks tear through, one-by-one, and offer up just shy of 45 minutes of high-energy, fist-pumping hard rock action!

MOTORJESUS tease with a gentle celestial feeling intro in “Drive Through Fire” with a slowed tempo that gradually picks up and then BAM! we’re slammed firmly into the fast lane. These devilish rockers don’t mess around and don’t hold back, pumping through their edge-of-the-seat energy with burning dynamism and hellish speed; MOTORJESUS is definitely more “Motordevil” than anything else! Straight from the pits of hell, the boys burst in once more in “Battlezone”, charging forward with tempo that goes from 0-60 in the blink of an eye, with lots of melodic riffing and Chris’ clean vocal delivery, with a smattering of rasp that sounds very akin to FFDP’s Ivan Moody. Ravishing us with IRON MAIDEN twin-guitar action in title-track “Hellbreaker”, MOTORJESUS seduce us with their catchy hooks and rampant energy; what an absolute belter of a track, it’s somewhat reminiscent of the PRIEST days of “Painkiller” and wonderfully addictive. I dare you not to put this bad boy on repeat!

Thus far, MOTORJESUS has pounded with devilish energy, and the onslaught of adrenaline-fuelled tracks continue. Tracks like “Dead Rising” and “Car Wars” wheel-spin in their glorious speed with swift licks and riffs, incessant drumming, bringing everything to life. The good, clean fun gets sexed up a little with “Firebreather”, which wows with its verrrry overt dirty bass line, pumping through depth and then, putting the pedal firmly to the floor, giving a solid fuel-injection, MOTORJESUS hit us with the wonderfully classic 80’s heavy metal sound of “Lawgiver”. It’s a solid, high-voltage head-banging belter, rammed with every piece of formulaic genius that MAIDEN and PRIEST would be proud of. Turn this bit of bestial brilliance up LOUD! The same can be said for “Back to the bullet”, which is crammed with vigour and kick-ass amounts of double-bass drumming and drum lines that pull a bit more of a sultry tempo at times for effect, yet still maintain the ability to ravage and savage your ears. To smooth everything off, MOTORJESUS opt to cool your engine down with a sultry instrumental, that has a SABBATH “Planet Caravan” feel in places, with beauteous harmonic melodious guitars; it’s a crisp, clean ending to a delightfully dirty production.

So, there we have it, MOTORJESUS and their uncomplicated, but expertly crafted, album “Hellbreaker”. There’s no ballads, no bullshit, just hellish hard-rocking adrenaline-fuelled brilliance with lusty licks aplenty, relentless drumming and gloriously addictive riffs combined with rock-solid vocals. “Hellbreaker” is a cast-iron release from MOTORJESUS with plenty of rip-roaring moments and rollicking energy, perfect for blasting out and letting rip!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Drive Through Fire
2. Battlezone
3. Hellbreaker
4. Beyond the Grave
5. Dead Rising
6. Car Wars
7. Firebreather
8. Lawgiver
9. Black Hole Overload
10. Back to the Bullet
11. The Outrun
Chris “Howling” Birx – Vocals
Andy Peters – Guitars
Patrick Wassenberg – Guitars
Dominik Kwasny – Bass
Adam Borosch – Drums
Record Label: AFM Records


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Edited 30 November 2022

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