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Mountain Tamer - Mountain Tamer

Mountain Tamer
Mountain Tamer
by Joshua Cummins at 04 May 2016, 3:54 PM

MOUNTAIN TAMER describes itself as “a heavy psych rock trio from Santa Cruz, California". Since 2010, MOUNTAIN TAMER has refused to set a limit on psychedelic experimentation, as evidenced by their immersive recordings as well as in their one of a kind, high energy live performances. The mind expanding sounds MOUNTAIN TAMER creates are formed through a union between the raw psychedelia of the 60’s, the powerful and heavy riffs of the 70’s, plus a modern, space-like twist that is truly unique to the band. Taking the stage with international acts such as RADIO MOSCOW, CAPSULA and DEAD MEADOW, the band knows to make a crowd come alive and entrance the listener from beginning to end.

As a music fan I prefer music that is crisp, clear, and defined. Music that has structure, music that the production quality shines through and enhances the skill of the performer. MOUNTAIN TAMER, with their debut studio album, unfortunately fails on all those marks in my humble opinion. The music is sludgy and muddled together into something that I frankly just cannot enjoy. I’m not saying that the music is bad, in any sense. You can hear the talent of the musicians playing, but I feel as though the combined effort of the threesome fails to hit the mark. The album is repetitive, the vocalist lacks skill, and all 8 songs drone on into one continuous tune. Perhaps if I dropped some acid and smoked an ounce of weed in one sitting, I may be able to enjoy this. But without some kind of chemical enhancement, this album just does not do it for me. BUT, if you are a fan of psychedelic music or sludge/doom metal, you may very well enjoy this.

1 Star Rating

1. Mindburner
2. Knew
3. Dunes of the Mind
4. Vixen
5. Wolf in the Streets
6. Sum People
7. Satan’s Waitin’
8. Pharaohsite
Andrew Hall – Guitar/Lead Vocals/Percusiion
Casey Garcia – Drums/Vocals/Art Design
Dave Teget – Bass/Vocals
Record Label: Argonauta Records


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