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Mountain Throne - Stormcoven

Mountain Throne
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 09 December 2013, 4:34 PM

I think it was a just a little while ago when I discussed the importance of heading back to the roots, not the so called phrase of backwards, but newly learning the old ways’ prominence and truthfulness. Sure that a guy from the 60’s would have called it blasphemy, if he or she hasn’t joined the Hard Rock / vintage Metal pack later on, but who really cares when there is a craving, a lust to smother the old-fashioned and the outdated, because it never is actually. Surprisingly signed to Cyclone Empire that has been uplifting the reincarnated versions of early 90’s Swedish Death Metal, this rather unknown German band (even with the few ties to the old MIRROR OF DECEPTION), gone British, named MOUNTAIN THRONE, that has been surveying the ancient mystic, and sometimes flinty, arts of British Metal, meaning traditional Doom shrouded in greyish NWOBHM. As I started playing the band’s debut album “Stormcoven” I pictured polished versions of late 70’s BLACK SABBATH, MOTORHEAD, WITCHFINDER GENERAL, CIRITH UNGOL, PENTAGRAM, WITCHFYNDE, MANILLA ROAD and HEAVY LOAD among the many superior early 80’s acts that set the ground for the darkness and mystery within Heavy Metal.

Scouring through eight songs, it is a must to make a note that MOUNTAIN THRONE, with their entire anonymous game setting of their lineup, made it happen for the listener to experience their whole musical vision and appreciation for old British Metal from various angles. In a closer view, you might hint the elementary, even generic, nature of the songs, absence of noteworthy melodies as most on display are guitar riff driven grooves, power chords land, and quite standard issued rhythm section demonstrations. On the other hand, nothing within MOUNTAIN THRONE’s came out to be flashy, melodic (other than sprites of soloing as paved in the old days), but a mouthful of haziness, fuzzy sounding guitaring amplifying simplistic riffery, grimness at times, surging around the Stoner vibe, often being energetic with cruises of speed but not over giving free rein to it and a vocal line chanting over the top with the same flamboyance that drove the older fans mad with appreciation when they listened to the steely voice presentations BLACK SABBATH or PENTAGRAM, but here with a gutsy spike as a reflective supplement. “Priestess of the Old” was the first to really capture my attention, especially with its opening bass work and main riff that is so crusty and tasty later picturing an enticing solo and a magnificent finishing touch. F. is a well accomplished vocalist, succeeding the old gods with an imposing voice. Engraving with blood on stone with the miasma of BLACK SABBATH, PENTAGRAM and MANILLA ROAD, “Winter” lets loose the feeling of frost, but along with sitting by the fire listening to a chant, reprising several late 70’s riffery descendants, there will be no escape from the mystic. Providing the utmost principles of Heavy Metal music, the opener “Spirits Of Fate” fulfilled an important role as the entrance to MOUNTAIN THRONE’s domain, revealing another addictive main riff that is fluent later enticing with a JAG PANZER’s US Metal musical sense that came as an amazement, a dominant player on this setlist. “Where Alchemy Thrived” enclosed an intermission from the heaviness for a story time, sitting with an acoustic guitar and chanting, a bit of the old Folklore nature, in a matter of speaking it came just in time. “Morningstar Iconoclast” sounded at first like it was forced into this album with a pure intention of proving that MOUNTAIN THRONE has a much wicked vibe that one would expect, didn’t like the vocal effects that much, but no doubt that a sort of an old Punkish / Groove MOTORHEADish stretch all around, glimmering with the axe of Doom.

What can be considered as a renowned relic of a past period, an essential tack of an honest Metal work, “Stormcoven”, as it was promoted, is one of the many form of how Metal music should sound like, yet nothing ultimate. MOUNTAIN THRONE is a distinct reminder of why Metal music is so influential and holding. You won’t be able to shake that one loose. 

4 Star Rating

1. Spirits of Fate
2. Stormcoven
3. Winter
4. Morningstar Iconoclast
5. Priestess of the Old
6. On the Mountain Throne
7. Where Alchemy Thrived
8. Totem
H. – Bass
J. – Drums
A. – Guitars
F. - Vocals
Record Label: Cyclone Empire


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